How to “let it go” when it’s valuable to you


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Do you have items in your home that are of value to you and that you are finding hard to let them go because of that value?

how to let it go when it's valuable to you - tips and advice to help declutter things that you don't want any longer

A reader recently had this issue – and was stuck with items that she didn’t want in her home any longer, as she couldn’t face getting nothing for them when she had tried to sell them.

So what’s the answer?

How can you ensure you get the value of the item, so that it’s worth your while getting rid of it?

This is one of the hardest things to get your head around when letting go of things – but is so vital to allowing yourself to let them go without guilt or regret.

But it’s worth something…

When things have been so valuable to you in the past it really is difficult to see them fetch virtually no value to others when you want to sell them on, but it really is worth thinking in a different way about your valuable items.

Most of us think about the value of our “stuff” in terms of financial value only.

We spent money on an item, and therefore want to get some money back for that item when we come to get rid of it from our home.

However, you need to remember that you have gained a lot of value from the item over the years – you got it because you needed it to fulfill a need or a want in the past, and have likely used it to help you/make you happy over time.

You have achieved the value from it – and have got your money’s worth out of it.

Just as when selling your car – items will depreciate over time, and what is thought of as valuable to you may not be valuable to others at any given time.

Do you want to keep paying for an item you don’t want anymore?

Another way of thinking about getting some value back from your items is that you will still be paying for them in some form or another while they are in your home.

You will have maintenance costs, upkeep costs, time spent cleaning them, storing them etc…. – it all adds up – and if that item is no longer valuable to you – its actually costing you to keep it – and that makes no sense whatsoever.

Let it go – create a positive environment instead…

So – you bought the item and have gained what you needed from it – but now it is no longer of value to you – so – WHATEVER THE OUTCOME of getting rid of it is (whether you are able to sell it or just give it away) – it’s better for you financially and emotionally to let it go.

Keeping it in your home any longer than it is useful will only bring negativity which you really don’t need.

Can you get value from it in another way?

When you have struggled to sell the item, but don’t want to give it away for free, another way of thinking is to donate it to a charity close to your heart.

If you already donate money to that charity, then you can think of your valuable items as the monetary donation instead.

This is a way of helping them as they can get some value from the item you no longer want, and it helps you as you feel you have done something worthwhile and helped someone.

You are donating to a good cause with items rather than money – which may be easier for you.

Going forward…

Thinking ahead now – you don’t want to feel this way again I am sure – so it may also help in the future to make you think that little bit more carefully about what you spend your money on.

If you can make sure that you are happy to spend money on an item and not make anything back on it should you not be able to when you come to let it go, then anything you do manage to get back when you sell it will be a bonus and can be seen that way.

You should be confident that what you are purchasing is valuable to you at that moment and you will get your moneys worth from it while you own it.

How to let things go that are of value to you but you can't sell them - advice to help declutter more easilySo – next time you are finding it hard to let go of things that you can’t get a good price for – think positively of the value you got from it while you still loved and wanted it in your home, and the negativity involved in the value you are still having to spend emotionally and financially to keep it in your home.

If you can’t sell it – why not make someone else happy and donate it to charity instead of making a monetary donation – you are helping others which is a great motivation to enable you to let go of things more easily.

Simply make peace with the item, remove the guilt, breath in, and let it go…..



Do you find it hard to let things go without trying to sell them, or if you can’t gain back a decent amount for them? How does this make you feel? Let me know in the comments below……


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