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Isn’t it easier to throw everything away rather than get organised?

decluttering vs organisingNice idea! and nice try – in theory – but it won’t work.

If you aren’t fundamentally organised, then no matter how much you get rid of, you will need to have a certain amount in your life to live – and thats where the issue will reappear.

We all need “stuff”

Noone can live for long with nothing – and when those things start coming back into your home again theys will simply start piling up and you’ll be back to square one.

Not to mention how much it would cost to replace everything as and when you find yourself needing it.

Why organising is more than decluttering

Organising is a LOT easier in the long run.

People often associate getting organised simply with decluttering the space – but its so much deeper than that.

Its about putting systems and routines in place so that your home functions better for you – whether you have lots of stuff or not.

You won’t be organised just because you have less “stuff”

People commonly assume that an organised house has to be very minimal – but the idea about getting organised is more about functionality rather than aesthetics of the space.

Whether you have lots of things or not, its about what makes you happy, and how to organise that amount in your space.

Of course,  a lot of people find the after effects of getting organised means that their home is usually more streamlined, but please don’t feel that you have to throw anything out – especially if you don’t want to.

The organising process does involved decluttering – but only to the extent of items that are not functional or sentimental in your home – its whats right for you – so throwing everything away really isn’t a solution – after all – where do you stop!

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