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Is the grass ever greener?


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Do you ever feel like you are more stressed/disorganised/overloaded than ever, and start comparing your present life with your past, or with the lives of others, only to come out firmly at the bottom of the pile?

This can certainly hold very true for getting organised – you can feel like everyone else is doing better than you, and that you had so much less to organised in your past – but is that really the case?

is the grass ever greener

It’s easy to be discouraged when you are finding life tough, and to have the thoughts that the grass is greener somewhere else – but I am here to say to you today that it’s really not the case.

Let me explain….

Firstly we can look back on our past and believe that it was easier than our present, and secondly we can look at others and believe that they have it easier than us.

But is this really the case?


Was it really easier when you were younger?

Reminiscing about past times leads you to naturally think of those times as being more carefree, with less responsibilities, less dependencies, and less to do in general – very much a “rose tinted glasses” way of looking at things.

But – as with everything in life – I’m sure that wasn’t the case at the time.

It’s just that the workload changes and priorities change – you were just as busy as ever, and your TO DO list was just as long.

It’s your perspective that’s now altered.

You are forgetting the day to day stuff, and only seeing the highlights in your mind.


For example – think about a young child panicking over something you consider trivial one evening. To you it’s a minor thing that will pass and be forgotten in a few minutes more than likely. To them it’s important and stressful. It’s just that as an adult we tend to forget that because we can see the overview much more clearly. We have more life experience and can put it into perspective.


And it’s the same with life in general.

Looking back you can reflect that you had an easier life in comparison to now – but ask yourself, did you really or were you just as worried/consumed as ever, but just with different things that aren’t important now and therefore you don’t remember the worry with as much force.


Do other people really have it easier?

It’s also very easy to think others have it easier than us, whether that is with life in general, or specifically with being more organised – but how true is this way of thinking?

Looking at other peoples lives can make theirs seem much more favourable to your own, especially when you are going through tough times.

But actually – at any given time, and in any given life I would hazard a guess that that person will also be finding things tough, having to balance their workload, and dealing with stresses and strains. They may not be the same stresses as you – but they will more than likely be there.

Peoples lives are edited when they step outside their front door – whether they realise this or not.

When we leave our house, we don’t tend to take our proverbial baggage with us. We look to others as if we have no real problems, and things are hidden from sight. So conversely it stands to reason that you are merely looking at other people in terms of what they want you to see, and possibly not the full story.

So don’t assume anyone else has things easier – what seems easier to you isn’t necessarily so – and you only waste your own energy if you think like this all the time.


Positives & negatives…

When you next get stuck or struggle with something in your life – for example – if you are feeling overwhelmed by the clutter you have in your home, or the fact that you are so busy you never have any time for anything you really want to be doing – just take a moment to look up and see that actually, everyone else may not have the exact same set of circumstances as you, but everyone is dealing with something right now in their lives.

My advice is to look at what IS working, and you will start to feel happier about what is working well, rather than focusing on the negatives – and this in turn may just help you to approach things in a positive way again – just a thought….



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