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Comparing with othersAre you paranoid that your home is worse than anyone else?

Do you ask yourself why it seems that yours is the only home that nothing has a place, or if it does have one, noone puts it there?

Are you afraid to have guests over for fear of what they think?

You’re not alone – in fact – we all fall foul to comparisons at some point in our lives.

Comparisons with others does no good

Trust me on this – the grass always seems greener!

Comparing yourself and your home with other peoples is a recipe for disaster.

You are also not getting the full story most of the time, as people can hide things very well if they want to – so you may be thinking that you are worse than someone else in some way, but actually you may be more organised!

When you visit others, you don’t know what has gone on beforehand – there may well be mountains of clutter stuffed into drawers and cupboards out of the way just to keep up appearances.

The truth is – you can’t judge yourself by others standards – only by your own.

So, NO, its not you – its the way you perceive how others are living that is bringing you down.

The only way to solve this is just to simply stop comparing yourself and start to just be who you want to be, and have the home that you want and need.

You have to be organised as much as YOU want.

What works for you may not work for others, and vice versa, so its time to take back control of your environment and make it work for you.

Usually if you are comparing yourself then you feel inadequate in some way. You are looking for validation, but this is a recipe for disaster.

Concentrate on what you can change, and make the changes that you need to.

Then you will start to see a big difference.

For example –

If you are struggling to organise your home because nothing has a place, then start to set up zones around the house for specific jobs:-

Playing, Relaxing, Reading, Eating, Doing homework, Collecting post and paperwork, crafts, hobbies, clothes, food, etc……

Try and stick to these areas as much as possible – and introduce the areas to your family – explaining the reasons behind why you are trying to get organised.

Make it their responsibility as well.

You won’t get instant results – it takes time to create new habits in people – but it is possible.

Just don’t think that everyone else has the answer, as a lot of people struggle just the same.

In summary

Is it just me?Everyone has their own insecurities, and some keep them much more hidden than others. You can’t worry about others, or change how they are – you can only do something about your own circumstances.

The trick is to work out what you need to do to make your home work, and then you will naturally stop worrying about other people and how they live, because you will be living a life in a space that you have created and that works well for your needs.

It isn’t just you – we are all in it together!

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