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A playroom can be a luxury in some houses, but where you have got the room for one, they can be a godsend.

Tips and advice to make organising a playroom much more simple

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Imagine a room where all the toys get put each evening, and that the door can be closed so that adult time can be toy free! Or not having to spend half an hour finding pieces for a puzzle or game before you can actually play it.


Wherever you store and play with toys you will get some great tips below which will help with getting them organised, and using them properly – even if its not a dedicated playroom.

So many children either don’t realise what they have, have too much, or can’t access what they do have. Any of these is a waste and the toys may as well not exist for all the use they are doing.

I have given my top tips here of things you need to think about when getting a playroom organised. They really will transform the way you and your children look at their toys, and will hopefully make playtime a much more fun activity!

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Zone the room

Analyse what your children use the room for, and you may be surprised.

Puzzles, Jigsaws, Crafts, Making dens, Reading, Colouring, Imagination Games, Music, TV, Computer, Painting, Play Doh!, Fancy Dress, Dancing, Singing and much much more….

Children are busy!

Creating different areas in the room for each activity (or grouping similar activities) will help with being able to find things when they are needed, and will also help to put them away more easily too.

For instance – put all craft items near to the desk, all books in a bookcase next to a chair, puzzles and jigsaws in a low box thats easy to open etc…. Which leads me nicely onto…

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Storage, storage and more storage!

Storage in this room is key to it being organised and functioning well. There are loads of factors to consider when looking at storage:-

Can it fit everything you need it to?

Does it work for the children (can they lift it, access it, reach it etc…)

Should some things be stored out of reach and out of view?

Do you want everything hidden away or in view?

I always try and have more than is currently needed, as there is always a birthday or Christmas around the corner!, and I try and choose furniture that has storage built in – such as a window seat with storage inside, or an ottoman with storage etc… This will maximise storage while leaving as much free floor space for playing as possible.

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As well as using displays to create great storage, it is always nice for children to see things that they have done, or things that they love on the walls.

  • Add hooks on a wall to hang up bags, dressing up clothes, etc…. which will keep them visible but out of the way.
  • Frame their best pieces of artwork.
  • Use a wall mural of their favourite characters to add interest and to make it a really fun place to be.

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Make it child friendly

Children will love to have their own space and to keep it tidy, if its easy for them to do so. Where you may label shelves in an adult space such as the utility, you may want to add picture labels in this room so that its easy to see whats in a box, or on a shelf (and its easy to see where things go back when finished). Even the littlest of children can do this, and they find it a fun too!

Make any storage items easy for a child to carry, not too heavy, and easy to take things out of and to put things back. This will make them so much more independent, and it will ensure the room is a completely safe place for them to be.

Check that you put things at the right height for them, so that they don’t have to constantly ask for help

You could have a shelf that you constantly rotate toys onto. This will help them get inspired and excited when they go into the room, and will also ensure that they play with everything they have and nothings forgotten.

Beanbags make for great seating / dens / relaxing / TV watching etc….. – and adults can easily use them too when they are playing!

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 Make it adult friendly!

To ensure that you don’t spend ages every day / week cleaning and sorting the room, ensure that the floor is easy to clean (a hard floor with a rug works well), and that the children get into the habit of tidying up each thing before they get out another (and that the whole room is tidy before bed)

You may want to have a high shelf out of their reach for anything that you don’t want them to be able to get to, but that’s still theirs (such as paints, glue etc..). This is also useful if you have a new baby and have to start raising items off the floor again!

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Make it adaptable

Your children grow so quickly, if you design a room fully around how they are now, then it may not work for their future needs.

You may want to think about whether you will want them to do homework in the room (is there a plug for light and a computer?), or if they take up a musical instrument will there be room to store it? What about when they have friends over, or take up a new hobby?

Of course, you can only plan so much, but just asking yourself these sorts of things may make decisions easier now, and less expensive to change later.

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Routines work

Children LOVE routine. It lets them know where they are, and most of them like to understand when it is coming up to bedtime etc….

For this reason I like to include the playroom in the bedtime routine. A last tidy up should be part of their daily plan, ensuring that everything is tidied to the correct place will make it so much easier to start again the next day. You could also go one step further and have a rule that one thing at a time should be played with and then tidied up before another thing gets taken out. This makes the evening routine MUCH easier!

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Declutter regularly

As with everything, clutter can build if you don’t keep on top of it. And this is never more true than with toys.

As a child grows, they outgrow their toys, so even though something may still look great it may be clutter to your child as its not something they use.

This is the best time of all to start teaching your children some key decluttering techniques in a fun way. I ask my daughter to give away 3 toys before Christmas, to the little children who don’t have as much as her, which is a great way for her to realise how lucky she is, and to get rid of some of the toys she doesn’t use anymore.

This seems to work much better than just asking her what she doesn’t play with anymore and then taking it away. Getting into a habit of throwing toys away when they are broken or if pieces are missing is a good idea too, and then they can’t build up.

When your child can see and play with all their toys, they will become more proud of them and want to keep the room nice. If its full of things that they don’t really need or use anymore then it won’t feel as personal to them.

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If you have more than one child, then you may want to create a sharing environment where most toys can be played with by whoever wants to. But its still nice for children to have their own things, and I find that having a colour coded system works really well for this.

Have a colour for each child, then get a box that’s each of those colours. Anything that’s special to that child goes in their box. Easy!

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Tips and advice to make organising a playroom much more simple

Do you have any tips for organising playrooms? Please share them by leaving a comment below – thanks in advance!

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