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You're here because you want to create a home (and home life) that works better for you, right?

You're in exactly the right place, welcome!

But... although you're probably tempted to jump straight in, roll your sleeves up, and make some changes, I want you to stop for a second before you start.


Because there's something that you need to do first that will stop you wasting time and energy on the wrong things.

And I'm all about making things easy when possible...

If you know the answer to this one thing then you'll be able to much more easily (and quickly!) make changes that really make a difference.

Sounds good, right?

But what is it?


All you need to do right now is understand how organised you currently are.

Getting things sorted out in your home is a long path - so you want to start your journey at the right point on the path for you.

That way you'll tackle the right things at the right time - staying motivated because you're seeing results.

So - where on that path should you start?

Don't worry, I'm here to help - every step of the way. 

Let's start with the foundations...

If you want to get more organised you need to do one thing first...


Make Your Home Work For You Properly By Sorting Out The 3 Foundations:

Thinking of your home in 3 parts is crucial to enable you to make real changes that last.

These parts (I call them the 'foundations') are SPACE, LIFE, and TIME, and they include the following:

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Everything dealing with your 'stuff' so you can create a home you love to live in.

How much you have, what you have, where it's put, and how it looks.

Adore Your Life Logo


Everything dealing with the 'systems' that run your home on a day to day basis.

From chores and meal planning, to budgeting and gift giving.

Adore Your Time Logo


Everything related to your 'schedule' and how you spend your time.

This is where YOU get to focus on what matters most in your life.

When you start getting organised, splitting things up into these 3 foundations is key, because they ALL need to be working well in order for you to feel calmer and content.

The thing to really keep in mind is that you’re feeling less organised than you want to because you're not where you want to be with at least one of these foundations.

And that foundation is where you need to focus in order to make the most difference to your home life right now.

So - where do you currently stand with them?

Want to get organised? Start Here!

Please can you take a second right now to think through each foundation for your home, and rate each one from 1-10.

(1 being the worst it could be, and 10 being the best).


Decide On Your Current Organising Level

Over the many years I've worked with clients, I've found that they fit into 4 main types when it comes to being organised - all based on their ratings for each of those foundations.

So - which type will you be?!

So, with the ratings you've just worked out, and the descriptions given below, you're going to see that you roughly fit into one of the following types - which I've named after Birds (why? - because they're great examples of the level you're at):

Black and White Ostrich Picture


SPACE - 1 / 10


LIFE - 1 / 10


TIME - 1 / 10


Black and White Swan Picture


SPACE - 6 / 10

Tidy But Hidden

LIFE - 3 / 10


TIME - 3 / 10

Too Much To Do

Black and White Puffin Picture


SPACE - 9 / 10


LIFE - 8 / 10


TIME - 5 / 10

No Time For You

Black and White Owl Picture


SPACE - 9 / 10

Happy Place

LIFE - 9 / 10


TIME - 9 / 10



Which Bird Type Are You?

Hopefully now you can see why knowing your bird type is key to getting more organised, the right way.

Each one has different pros and cons, but ultimately they'll help you to see exactly what NOT to spend time or energy on, and what you definitely SHOULD focus on first.


So - to find out exactly which you are, you have two options:



Maybe you've already decided which bird you are, or you want to do some more reading about them. If so - click on it below and there's lots of tips and advice to get you more organised. Have fun!



Take the free quiz that I've created to give you the result that fits you the best, and know for sure which you are...