I want to get organised, but where do I start?


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It’s all very well thinking you want to get organised, but when it comes to where to actually start – do you know? or does it send you into a world of procrastination and indecision?

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Whenever I am asked this question, or whenever I am thinking about what I need to get organised next, I always suggest starting with the place that is hurting the most.

This means tackling wherever or whatever you are finding you are wasting the most time or energy or money by not being more organised.

Here are some examples:-

  • If you are ALWAYS hunting for your car keys each morning – start by setting up a place in your hall/entrance where you have a designated place for your keys – and get into the habit of always putting them there when you walk through the door.
  • If you are always late as you have to iron/clean/sort your clothes each morning – then setting up an evening routine where you layout your outfit for the next day makes sense.
  • If you are constantly arguing about what to eat each evening – set up a menu plan and get everyone involved so they know what’s happening, and you can prep and cook more quickly
  • If you are always finding it hard to find an outfit each morning – set about sorting out your wardrobe so that it’s easier to find what you need, and work out a few easy outfits that you can grab when you need them without thinking.
  • If you are always losing phone numbers and information – set up a home file that records everything in one place

Basically – if you immediately feel a positive difference when you start organising, then you will be more likely to continue into other areas of your home/life – which can only be of benefit really.


But what if I make a mistake?

Some people find that they don’t want to start getting organised in case they get it wrong – or they start in a place that won’t really matter if they do.

My argument here is that its not working now and that’s why you want to change it – so whats the worst that can happen!

If you start with something relatively insignificant to you (sometimes we like to do things in the background first to see if there’s any point) – then you may be less likely to see the benefits immediately, and feel less inclined to continue.

Its about getting the momentum – and honestly, once you’ve got the organising bug, you’ll want to carry on!


Where’s a common place to start?

Common places that people start on are:-

  • Paperwork
  • Time management (Diary etc…)
  • Hallway
  • Clothes
  • Food (shopping, meal planning, recipes etc…)


These areas have the greatest impact on day to day life once they get organised, because they are areas that are used frequently – so have a think about whats your worst offender and get going today!

The main thing to remember is that just getting started is a great step in the right direction – so don’t over think it and just get going – you’ll be surprised at how quickly things can change once you get going.

And of course – never forget that you will find inspiration on every part of the home/life on this site if you need extra help working out how to go about things – good luck!


So – what are you going to get organised this weekend? I’d love to know so please leave a comment below…

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