How to make a chalkboard wall – & why every home should have one!


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I am a great fan of merging things that are both practical and great to look at in homes, and with my love of dark walls (I’ll leave that for another time!), what could be better than a chalkboard wall? This post goes through how to make a chalkboard wall, and why I think that every home should have one…

How to make a chalkboard wall - and why every home should have one!

Why chalkboard walls?

Not only does a dark wall look great in most rooms, but the ability to write on a wall (and not be told off!) is a huge bonus that can have many uses within most homes today.

Think about the practicalities – you could have one in your kitchen for writing recipes, shopping lists etc…, or your cloakroom for quotes that you like, or your family room for the kids to doodle on – the list really is endless! – and just to show you how versatile chalkboard walls can be, and for some added inspiration, then I’ve gathered a few ideas together for you –


Great hey! I am definitely sold on the idea and really think that a chalkboard wall could easily feature in most peoples homes and have a very positive effect on the look and the function of the space as a result.

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I just had to decide on where to put one in my own house….

My daughter is 6 and as such I wanted to create somewhere that she could get creative and have some fun – so that’s where my priority lay in my decision making. (the adult blackboard may have to wait a few more years! although I do already have eyes on a creative wall in my office!) – so I chose the obvious area for her in our home and that was actually the inside of the chimney breast as you can see in the picture below:-

How to make a chalkboward wall - before picture

I’m not going mad when I say the chimney area – it really was the obvious place as my daughter is inside this space playing regularly – having already claimed this section of the kitchen (the drawers and everything in the chimney area are already hers).

As I’ve talked about before on this blog, these drawers are great as they are on wheels, and she often moves the drawers out and stands in the chimney area pretending it’s her shop (you can see the till on the top of the drawers in the picture even!).

As such I could see this being a place perfect for the first chalkboard in our home – what better than being able to write what shop it is today, what the menu is if she’s playing cafe, or just to doodle and write away to her hearts content?!

TIP – a chalkboard wall for kids can save so much paper clutter and if you want to have keepsakes of what they create, why not simply take a photo of the wall after they’ve finished pictures that you want to treasure…

How to make a chalkboard wall - BEFORE

Having decided on a place to put the chalkboard, I got my supplies together – simply a decent brush and a pot of jet black chalkboard paint (I got mine from B&Q but you can get from lots of places, and even in different colours if that takes your fancy!).

Chalkboard paint

I cleared the area and made sure the walls were clean enough for painting (a simple rub down with a damp cloth was enough for these walls, you may need to sand any rough surfaces or fill any gaps if you have them as well).

The paint went on really well – it needed 2 coats to cover perfectly, but I was so happy with the results.

One thing I wasn’t sure about when I started was how the edges would look, as the previous home owners had painted the walls cream and the visible edges were very jagged, but actually it worked really well and this edging gave a more stone like appearance, not too neat and therefore looked more aged.

TIP – If you want to create a chalkboard effect on just part of a wall, then simply use masking tape to pick out the shape you want to create, and paint within the taped area.

During painting a chalkboard wall Painting a chalkboard wall

And here’s the final result:-

How to make a chalkboard wall - AFTER PICTURE How to paint a chalkboard wall - after picture

It has made such a big difference to the space – making the fireplace area really stand out which I love, and my daughter really couldn’t be happier as well – it’s a real win-win!

Since painting the walls we have had a shop sign, a menu, maths and writing practise and much more, and the space is helping her be so much more creative which is a fantastic thing!

As for all the bits and bobs that were on the walls previously these have now been added to a new hook on the side of the white drawers which you can just see in the picture above, so they are still really accessible but out of the way, which gives the area a more clutter free look as well which I obviously approve of!.

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How to make a chalkboard wall - before and after pictures and a step by step guide

All in all this was a great small project that took half a day to complete, it has given the space a new lease of life and I have definitely got the chalkboard bug now so watch this space for more!

Are you inspired by the idea of a chalkboard wall in your home? I’d love to know if you are thinking of doing one (or already have one!) so please leave a comment below…

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