How to get your wardrobe organised – Part 2


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Welcome to the second part of the “How to Organise your Wardrobe” series of posts. In the first part we looked at the ASSESS and DECLUTTER stages of the A.D.O.R.E process, and now it’s time to tackle the ORGANISING – so let’s get started shall we!

How to get your wardrobe organised - part 2 of a 3 part series


You have now sorted out what you want to keep, and what space you have to keep everything in, so now comes the biggest trick, and that’s working out what you actually want to keep in your wardrobe, and what needs to be kept elsewhere.

You should have just 3 piles of clothes left to sort out now:-

  1. KEEP – FREQUENT USE – Items that fit, that go with other items, that you wear often – or have worn in the last 3 months
  2. KEEP – INFREQUENT USE – Special occasion items such as evening wear, wedding dress, maternity wear
  3. KEEP – OUT OF SEASON – whatever is not worn in the season you are currently in

So the next question to ask yourself is – What Should You Keep, and Where?


STEP SIX – Find a place for everything

As with any organising project, you want to have all your items in places that makes the most sense for you and the way you live.

Usually this will be that you need to have the FREQUENT USE items in  the place that’s easiest to access, those for INFREQUENT USE somewhere that’s not so close at hand, but still accessible, and the same for the OUT OF SEASON clothes.

In STEP THREE you will have looked at the space you have available – both immediate space and storage space, and made a start on deciding where the best places for each category of these clothes would be.

Now it’s time to take a look at the amount of clothes you actually have to store in each of these places, and make certain that you can store them in the spaces you have available.

Here are my top tips for this step:-

  • Think about storing clothes you really need to keep but don’t need everyday in different locations – under the bed, in the loft, in a wardrobe in a guest bedroom etc… – still accessible, but occasionally rather than every day
  • For purely sentimental items (wedding dress, christening gown etc..) – think about either displaying then, or store in deep storage areas (loft etc..) so that you can get them if you ever need to – but this will be rare. Make sure that they are stored properly as well otherwise when you do come to take them out you may be in for a nasty surprise… (TIP – why not take a photo of the outfit and keep that close so that you can see it when you want without the bulk of the actual outfit)
  • Out of season clothes can be kept out of the way but accessible – as weather can be variable in the UK! – simply rotate when seasons change.



For my own clothes, here is how I do it –

I don’t have a huge amount of storage, so have to be careful about where things go.

  • In my hanging space – I hang from left to right as follows (I am right handed so the right hand side is more accessible to me as well – this is very organised and maybe a step too far for some I know – but it does save a few seconds each day). Going out clothes – dresses, tops, Skirts, trousers – then working outfits – dresses, tops, skirts, trousers – then casual wear – dresses, tops, skirts, trousers
  • Below this I have space for fitness clothes and my gym bag
  • In shelving I put my jeans, jumpers and t shirts
  • In my chest of drawers I store underwear and accessories, and on top of this I have a jewellery organiser
  • I sort everything in colour as well – so its easy to find my purple casual top when I need it quickly!
  • Evening dresses, wedding dress, skiing clothes etc.. are all kept either in the loft or in the guest bedroom
  • Out of season clothes are kept in storage under my bed (I have a FANTASTIC storage bed that holds loads and stops anything getting dusty – also I like this method as I can still access these clothes really easily if there’s a cold day and its summer (surely not in the UK!) 


STEP SEVEN – Organising each space

You are now ready to sort your wardrobe – you have everything that you want to store in it, and it will be items that you use frequently, and possibly items from the other categories as well, dependent on space available.

Here are some questions and tips that are a great start in getting a really fantastic working system for your clothes, now that you have decided exactly where you want to put them all.

For all the spaces you have available, ask yourself the following questions –

  • Do you need more hanging space, drawer space, or other storage?
  • Can you add a shelf above or below the hanging space?
  • Can you add storage above the wardrobe or underneath?
  • Can you add boxes inside your wardrobe for shoes etc…?
  • Can you add extra hanging space? – doubling up hanging space with a rail at the top and a rail halfway down can be a great way of doubling up space if you have mostly hanging items. (using these coat hangers can save loads of space and I totally recommend them)
  • Can you add hooks on the door for accessories or jewellery?
  • Is everything visible – if you can’t see everything then you may well not wear it – and there’s no point in that!
  • Do you want to store things by colour / style / type or a mix (i.e. finding that black top for a night out will be a lot easier if you hang your tops together in colour order)
  • Do any of the clothes need specific storage?

I also wrote a post with lots of top tips on organising clothes which may well help as well.

If you store your clothes with all this in mind, then you will find that choosing and accessing your outfit each day is so easy!

At this stage you will have the beginnings of a personalised system that has taken no outlay at all for you to do apart from time and effort.

However, you may well want to go that one step further and maximise the space further by using the correct products.


STEP EIGHT – Get any organising items that are REALLY needed

I only ever look at purchasing items when I have totally sorted out the available space and the actual items I want to keep, then I know that I am going to buy the correct things to help rather than hinder and cause more clutter and waste money.

Take a look around at available products for whatever you need help with – there are loads out there and I intend to try as many as possible within this blog – but for now here’s a post I wrote a while back on items that may well help.


Take a step back….

You are so nearly there now – so well done for getting to this stage. You will by now hopefully see the changes will help you gain a little more sanity each and every time you open the wardrobe door, and you will be able to clearly see the bigger picture that getting your clothes organised helps you to do.

The last stages of the A.D.O.R.E method are coming next, which are crucial to ensuring that your newly organised space truly keeps working for you for the next few weeks, months and even years – so

please CLICK HERE to get to the final part of this series…..

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