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How do you pack up the Christmas decorations?

January 6th is the day that the decorations should be down by. It can be a pain to pack everything away, leaving behind an empty space and a much darker room without the lovely twinkly lights of the festive period.

BUT it can also mean that the rooms in your home looks less cluttered, and you can finally clean everywhere properly without tinsel etc… getting in the way!

It really depends on your perspective in life – doesn’t it!

packing up Christmas Decorations


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I wanted to add in a post around now to tackle an often asked question – and that’s how to successfully pack away the decorations so that its easier next year to get them all out again – so here goes – hope it helps!

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What decorations are you keeping?

First things first – look around the house and work out what you won’t be keeping.

We don’t need to worry about these things – they can go straight into the charity box, or recycling or the bin – whatever is the most suitable for each item.

These can be things that have broken during the holidays, things that you don’t like anymore, things that you didn’t actually put out this year etc………

Anything that is taking up space for no real reason.

That way you can see what you have left much more easily, and the task can be a little less overwhelming.

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Make a note of what you have

Next, its definitely worth making a note of what you have.

If you love a certain look you have achieved this year, why not take a photo of it as it looks right now and store the photo with the decorations. That way it will be easy to copy next year – it’s an easy win so that you make life as simple as possible for your future self!

Now, take everything down and group into how you want to store it – this could be in many ways, and I’ve listed a few – see what works for you and your home the best:-

  • By type of items (tinsel, baubles, garlands, lights etc….)
  • By location (what goes where, the tree decorations, outside decorations, room by room etc…)
  • By location AND type (if you have lots of decorations then this is essential!)

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Make a note of what you need

Now it seems strange to be thinking of the things you are missing, things you will need for next year – but it’s not really – as you can stay one step ahead of the game this way, and avoid disappointment next year.

Have you had to throw away anything that you will need to replace for next year? are all the lights working OK or do you need different ones? have you thought of something new that would look great somewhere?

Make a list of all these things, and ideally GO OUT AND BUY NOW IF YOU CAN FIND THEM! Christmas items are often at bargain sale prices at this time of year, so you are not only making next year a lot easier, you are also saving money!

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Where will you store the decorations?

You also need to assess where you are going to store everything – what space do you actually have available (just have an idea at this stage)

Ideally this space will be somewhere thats accessible but also out of the way – after all you don’t need these things for 12 months – and you don’t want to risk damaging them by having to move them out of the way every time you want to get something thats further away….

Once you see what you have to store, and where you want to store it, then you can start to think about ideal ways of how to store it all.

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How will you store all the decorations?

You need to know the quantity of what you want to store, and the location of the storage, as this can all affect what you choose to store the decorations in.

Here are some of my favourite ways to store items – let me know any tricks you have too!  (and keep in mind whether they have to be air tight, water tight etc…. for your specific space)


How to store baubles

storing christmas decorations - baublesBaubles break – easily.

You want to ensure that you store them in a way that keeps them safe for next year – as they are also expensive,

Three ways that I love are as follows:-

1. Think of them like you would eggs. Egg boxes can make great storage for smaller baubles.

2. Keep the original storage that you bought them in as they are often in trays that can be reused.

3. You can also get specific products** to help which can be a great investment as you can reuse year after year.


How to store lights

I always store strings of lights so that they are wrapped around a piece of card or a wooden pole of some sort – as then the cable doesn’t get tangled and they are easy to access next year. You can also buy specific products** that do the job well if you prefer.

Once the lights are stored, do a final check on whether they work, as then you can pack them away safe in the knowledge that they SHOULD work next year too…


General Christmas Storage Items

A few general ideas to help store things well are as follows:-

  • Wrap tinsel in tissue paper to keep it looking nice
  • Store and pictures, cushions, larger decorations etc… in bubble wrap ** and then in an airtight box to keep secure.
  • Add all other Christmas items into your decorations boxes such as festive jigsaws, games, CDs, DVDs, Nativity scene etc… so that you know everything is in one place when you need it.
  • Collect together all wrapping / cards etc… and store in a Gift Wrap Storage Bag** ready to bring out next year (getting supplies in the January sales and storing them for next year will save you money as well)

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I can’t stress enough how important labelling is for your stress levels come next year!

Its so much easier to look through your storage and be able to see exactly whats in each box, and then put it straight into the right room before you open it up again.

You can also add in any bits of information such as the photo you took of the tree or the outside or the specific room each box is for – or whether you need batteries/string etc…. anything that will make life easier to know for next year.

TIP – make the labels visible from wherever you store them, so you can see whats in each piece of storage at a glance (you may want to label each side).

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In summary…..

  • What are you keeping?
  • Note down what you have
  • Note down (and buy in sales to save money) what you need for next year
  • Decide where you will store everything
  • Decide how you will store everything
  • Label everything clearly
  • Store away for next year!

packing up Christmas DecorationsIf you can follow all these steps and everything you have related to Christmas that you have stored away should be easy to open, easy to unwrap, and perfectly stored – and next years Christmas decorating will be a pleasure rather than a chore.



How do you store your decorations? I’d love to know so please leave a comment below…


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