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How do I remember where everything is once its organised?!

Remember where things are after I get organisedI ts all very well and good getting your belongings organised and in cupboards out of the way, but if you can’t find anything you may well be just as badly off in terms of really being organised.

A great way I find to make sure you don’t lose things once you have organised (oh the irony!) – is to label – a lot!

Label shelves so you know (and everyone in the family knows) where to put things back (great for when you are left with a dozen spaces to choose from!)– and if you are completely rearranging the systems in your home then you may find it useful to draw out  a floor plan of the house and label zones on it – with the items you have stored in each zone listed.

This can be as high level or low level as you need it to be .

A place for everything, and everything in its place

I use this when I organise a cupboard – for example in my utility. I rearranged to how things needed to be to work best for our needs at that time, then labelled every shelf and drawer – I then added a plan of the room to the inside of one of the cupboards – so myself and others can easily see at a glance whats where.

It does take time to become familiar with some things – but if you stick to the zones you have created in your home, then things will much more naturally be found as time goes on.

Its much the same as when you move into a new house – you automatically put the cutlery in the kitchen as thats a kitchen product and you know where you need to go to find a knife – but things like wrapping paper, sellotape, rubber bands, batteries etc… are less obvious – start to think about where you use them most, and create spaces in those areas.

Heres some of the zones we have in our house –

Reading Zone

Books all go into one bookcase in a living room and theres a chair and light nearby, my daughter has one in her room as well as thats where she reads most)

Drawing Zone

My daughter loves art and so we have boxes of paper and pens at her small table so she can easily find what she needs

Paperwork Zone

We have created a paperwork area in the kitchen as this is where we naturally open post and deal with papers.

Linen Zone

We have created a linen cupboard on the landing as then no one is disturbed if we need to change a bed in the middle of the night, or if we have guests over etc….. – the space is equally accessible to all rooms

A place for everything and everything in its placeGift Zone

Our present box and wrapping paper/cards/sellotape/scissors etc… are all in the guest room – as this room is largely not used – so it works perfectly as when we need to wrap a gift everything is in one place and we can be out of the way of anything else going on.

So, what works for you?


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