How can I get the whole family on board with getting organised?


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getting the family on board with getting organisedIts very difficult to stay organised if your family and those who live with you aren’t on board with the whole idea of changing things to become more organised.

You are fighting a losing battle unless you are all involved – to some extent at least.

So, what needs to be done?

Firstly – get them all involved in the process right from the start.

If everyone in the house understands why you are wanting to get organised – and can see that there will be benefits – then they are more likely to help maintain any systems that you set up.

If they can’t see why you’re doing what you’re doing, then they aren’t brought into the idea, and you are going to struggle more.

Of course – its not enough to just have them know whats going on – they need to understand any changes that affect them as well.

You will have to show them all how things work going forward – its no good if they don’t understand the systems as they will fall apart really quickly.

The key is to make it all part of daily life, get them involved from the start.

Here their ideas and try and bring them on board as well – as the more everyone feels heard, the more likely that everything will work better.

Getting small children involved

For small children, make things visual.

Label using pictures rather than words on areas that they can help tidy and organise (i.e. their toys can be put back much more easily if they can see that balls go in the box with a picture of balls on the side etc..)

Making things into a game helps as well – create habits in them from a young age and they will stay organised into adulthood and therefore find it easier to run their own homes eventually as well.

But my kids are older…

For older children, give them responsibilities based on their age and abilities – making them responsible for certain parts of the house and chores should help them to get on board with being organised,

They will be able to help you set up systems that work for them, and see that it saves them time and effort in the long run.

And what about my partner…

Make sure that you keep their personality and way of working in mind when you set up any new systems.

If you do this then that are more likely to stick to it.

For example – if they are very visual then make sure things are kept out on display – but are organised – and use lots of labels – if they prefer everything hidden away, then keep this in mind as well and use more hidden storage such as boxes, drawers, cupboards etc….

They are still struggling – what next?

Have you heard the phrase – you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink?

You can only take your family so far – after that they have to work things out themselves to some extent – and to ensure that this is as probable as you can – its worth things about how you introduce any new organising concepts to the household in the first place.

getting the family organisedIf you organise the areas that each of your famiy are struggling with first, then they will be able to clearly see the benefits and are more likely to get on board as well – its all about building momentum and creating new habits slowly but surely.

And you can always use a reward system for those who help maintain the organised way of life – this is great for young family members but can be just as effectively used for older children too.

Are you struggling to get your family on board? Have you succeeded? I would love to hear about it – please write your comments below….

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