home office makeover - after picture

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7. Doorbell!

I wrote a completely separate post on this a few weeks back as I was so excited to find a solution for the issue of hearing the doorbell when it rang in my house as my office is outside. The bell works really well and so far, so good!

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Overall I am really pleased with how the office works now, and as with everything, there are still things to tweak (I need to get some blinds for the windows and sort out the paperwork in the corner of the room), but these are simple additions that I can do when I have a bit more time.

For now I am just enjoying the new space and feeling a lot more creative in it as it feels much more connected to the house now.

Final reveal of my home office makeover - what I used and why - get tips and ideas

Have you got products that you have used in your home office that you’d like to share? I’d love to hear about them so please let me know by leaving a comment below…