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Following on from the original post
about getting a balanced life, and then the first in the series being about Social Life – this post focuses on getting the Management of the Home right – in a bid for an easier life.

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Its so important to lead a balanced life these days, with so much in our lives competing for our attention 24-7 – and one of the key areas that my acronym S.M.I.L.E ensures you focus on is the home.

There are, of course, many other things to consider as well – which is where S.M.I.L.E works so well – as you can look over all the areas it considers, and hopefully lead a much more balanced life, as everything is much more in the front of your mind on a daily basis.

Social Life – Managing the Home – Income – Leisure – Energy

Managing the home is just one part of a balanced life, but is really key!

If you can say at the end of each evening that the house ran smoothly, everyone was where they needed to be (on time and with the right things), food was on the table, the house is clean and tidy (to whatever extent it needs to be) – then its been a successful day on the house front!

I hope that this series of posts helps you to think about what your priorities are, what your goals are for each part of S.M.I.L.E, and enables you to lead a more balanced life!

I know that having a balance has really helped me over the years.

How do you manage your home at the moment?

If the answer to this is – “Manage – my home – WHAT?!” then read on!

Some people are great managers in the office, and then come home and don’t want the same regiment at home – they want to relax more. Others crave a more organised home, and just can’t seem to get there – and there are some that have found a way to organise themselves and their families with what seems like minimal effort.

There is no right or wrong way to manage your home, its what works for you that counts.

However, if you find that the way you are using just doesn’t get the results you want – then you may want to reconsider certain areas (and thats where this website comes in!)

Whether you want to run your home with military precision, or in a more relaxed way – it still needs running in some way! – and there will be systems that can help you.

And if systems sound like hard work – they’re not. You have to get out of bed in the morning and get dressed – you don’t even think about it but you do the same thing most days, and the result is that you are ready to go at a certain time. This is a system. Nothing difficult I’m sure you’ll agree! So, even those who want a more relaxed time of it and can’t be bothered putting systems into place, you need to ask yourself – how relaxing is it really when you are having to hunt for lost items, chase people to do chores etc…?!

Without a home that runs smoothly, everything else will be so much more difficult:-

  • With no clothes washing system in place – how will you manage to look good for work?
  • With no food system in place – will you always end up eating takeaway, or even skip meals?
  • Without a cleaning plan, how will you ever be able to find things you need?
  • Budget? Without one you may be in even more trouble than you thought……

All these things and a lot more besides can be helped if you manage the home well.

How can you improve the way your home is run?

Getting Your "Management Of The Home" Sorted! (S.M.I.L.E. 2 of 5) - domestic blissNow, I’m not talking about housework taking over your life, or becoming a domestic goddess (although sometimes we can all dream!) – but simply to enhance your home by putting systems in place that will help good habits to form, and thus leave you with more time for the fun stuff.

Ideas for these (which are talked about in detail throughout this website) are as follows:-

  • Creating a schedule for cleaning and household jobs – and detailing when and by whom they are done
  • Following a budget
  • Delegating where appropriate – get everyone involved
  • Creating places for everything to go – so that people know where to find things
  • Setting up a paperwork area for incoming post etc…
  • Using a wallplanner and diary to ensure the family knows whats going on easily
  • Making things habits – so that they are done without thinking (just like cleaning your teeth)
  • Setting goals and working towards them
  • Sorting out clothes so you and the rest of the family always have something to wear
  • Decluttering regularly
  • Using a shopping list
  • Creating a home file

What are the benefits of a well managed home?

With our busy lives, we don’t want to be chasing our (and others!) tails all the time. We want freedom and more time to do the things that really matter to us – and this is very rarely to spend more time cleaning etc…!

As soon as you have more systems in your home then the home and everyone in it seems to be able to relax a little more. You are not the one that has to manage (aka NAG!) everything directly, and therefore there seems to be a lot less tension in the house.

And as soon as you have freed up some time, you can start to enhance all the other areas of your life – the benefits are three fold –

MORE ENERGY – energy for getting fit, playing with your children and living your life to the full etc…. (you don’t feel burdened by household tasks any longer)

MORE TIME – for a social life, for spending time with the family, for holidays etc….

MORE MONEY – for the non-necessities, and treats such as holidays and days outor just for saving for emergencies (leaving you a lot less stressed if money is tight)

The key is to acknowledge that the house DOES need some amount of managing, to be able to run itself well, and then you are well on your way to a more relaxed version of you!

Whats the right way to manage your home?

The right way is the way that works for you. Its the way that you can instigate systems and methods to do things, without rocking the boat too much, and the way that ensures these new systems are kept up for the long term (after all, its no good putting something in place only for it to cease after a couple of days).

Organising your home is an ongoing process – NOT a quick fix.

If you like living with lots of clutter, fine.

If you like saving your cleaning and doing a blitz each week, fine.

If you have a pile of post by the front door and you get to it when you’re ready (or when it falls down) , and that works for you – again, fine.

I am not saying to change everything – just what doesn’t work at present. As the saying goes – “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

Look at how your home runs, write down what works and what doesn’t – and then with those that don’t work in your mind, try to implement systems that will help get them working well for you again (and this website is a great place for inspiration!).

If you change just one thing that makes your day easier – then its worth it!

To Summarise…

You will probably have been thinking about your own home when reading this – and perhaps already have a better idea of what you want to tackle there.

My advice is to add all of these to your TO DO list, and then to work through them as and when you have time. I always recommend starting with the things that are most affecting you – as you will see quicker wins this way and are more likely to continue the good work!

If you start to go through each area of S.M.I.L.E at the end of the day as a habit, then you will be thinking about your home much more than you probably ever have. Giving your home some thought as to how it runs, and how to make it run more smoothly, will now become part of your daily life – whether consciously or not.

Once you have started to think about it more, you can start to look at how you can make your life (and the rest of the households) easier.

Its a win-win situation, don’t you think!

Heres to a happier, more balanced you!

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