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Get November more organised…

The nights are darker earlier, the countdown to Christmas has begun, Autumn is truly here, and bonfires / fireworks are in force! – November is here!

This month is all about getting the home cosy for the wintery nights and preparing everything well in advance for Christmas so that the very hectic December doesn’t stress you any more than really necessary.

Here are some ideas and help on things to do in November, to make the most of the month and make it count.

Get November organised - TO DO's for November



I love November – strange as it may sound. On the surface there is a lot to NOT like – its darker, colder, too long until the next holiday – I could go on – but theres something I find magical about the nights drawing in.

It’s cosy and feels like a luxury to close your door to the outside world when the night seems to start so early. It is now acceptable to have candles lit (my personal favourite!), and it feels like you get lots of quality family time as you are all inside.

Theres also a fantastic expectant feel to this time of the year with bonfire night and Halloween having just been, and then the lure of Christmas as towns start to turn the lights on. Who doesn’t love to walk through a beautifully lit town or city wrapped up warm with a cup of hot chocolate, while looking at all the Christmas displays starting to be put up.

I personally am much more into the build up rather than the event itself – so November is perfect for me!

In terms of getting organised, I have now changed my wardrobe over to wintry things, and stored the summer stuff carefully away, and am going to ensure that all the lights are working in the house (and are clean so that the light is as bright as possible – who’d have thought so much dust can settle on a light bulb!) and that I have spare bulbs and batteries and candles in case of any emergencies – basically I am getting ready for the winter properly now – how about you?





If you are a regular reader of the blog then you will know that I mentioned planning for Christmas back in October, and it makes sense to start planning the overview then, whereas November is the month to really get things moving so you can sit back a little in December safe in the knowledge that things are going ok.

What kind of things?

  • Declutter the house – get prepared for Christmas by sorting the kids toys out to leave room for new ones, and to give some to charity – a great idea at this time of year especially.
  • Write all your Christmas Cards – it has to be done, and doing a few each day this month means that you can happily post them all on December 1st (and you beat all the last posting dates too)
  • Buy presents – especially online gifts – avoiding the excessive queues in December is incentive enough for this one!
  • Think about your food – what meals are you preparing – do you have the recipe, do you need to get specific ingredients etc….
  • Wrap presents as you buy them, that way you won’t have a mammoth task waiting for you when you are busier next month (and if you are busy already, you will always be busier in December – it just happens that way!)

So – its definitely worth thinking about the more onerous tasks and getting them out of the way – the ideal scenario is that there’s just food to buy, decorations to put up, and last minute bits and pieces – so you can really enjoy the run up to the big day.

TIP – If you want some help with planning then I have a Christmas eBook with a countdown checklist and everything you could possibly need – take a look HERE

be the change you wish to see in the world



Think about going to a fireworks display – you can always see more fireworks and it’s a lot safer than trying to do it in your back garden.

TIP – If you have small children, drive as close as you can up to a display and you will be able to sit in the car and see a few without having the stress of getting out and them getting scared. Being in the car will mean they feel safer with you, and it’s a great introduction to the magic of that night!



  • Get your boiler serviced ready for Winter – if you haven’t already!
  • Check your smoke alarm
  • Set your thermostat one degree cooler than usual – you really won’t notice the difference but it will make an impact on your heating bills
  • Remembrance day is the 11th November – don’t forget to buy a poppy and support as much as you can
  • Happy Thanksgiving as well to readers in the US – I hope you have a great time!



  • Birthstone – Topaz
  • Flower – Chrysanthemum
  • Zodiac Signs –Scorpio October 23rd to November 21st – and Sagittarius November 22nd to December 21st



November TO DO list printable

You can make a note of all the To Do’s, To Buys, Dates to remember, and general notes – and keep them all in one place (I advise adding to your diary at the start of the month to stay on track.


It’s available in the OMH Printables Library – the place where all free printables from the site are kept. Simply enter your email to become a member and get instant access. Hope you enjoy!

Printables Library


Tips and ideas for getting November organised - TO DO's and a free printable

This month can be one that we can feel quite low in as winter is coming, but try and make the most of it as it can be a lovely time of year.

Enjoy the fireworks if you are planning to see any this year, and get into the festive mood by getting as much Christmas related prep done as possible – you’ll thank yourself come December!

Here’s to an amazing November – Enjoy!

If you have any tips for this month and would like to share, please leave a comment below – thanks in advance!

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