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Get May more organised…

May – the month of May Day, 2 (!) Bank Holidays to enjoy, Half Term for the children, and (fingers crossed!) the weather really starts to warm up – summer is on its way!

It’s definitely one of my favourite months…

I love May – my daughter was born at the end of the month which makes it an extra special time of year for us, and I am really happy that the warmer days mean being able to take lots of walks and be outside loads which I try and make the most of.

Also it’s so nice just being at home when the sun is shining – it makes everything seems more manageable somehow and I always seem to get loads done which is a bonus!

Get May more organised with lots of advice and tips including a free printable to add to your wall or your diary


January was about getting back to normal after Christmas, February was about planning the year and putting goals together, March was about setting some of those plans in action by getting the TO DO list sorted, in April we got the cleaning an decluttering started, and so in May why not start getting back some time to do what you want to do.

Up until now this year we have been concentrating on getting a feel for what’s important to you, and drawing a line in the sand on the household tasks and the TO DO list.

Now is the time to think forward and get prepared for getting even more organised this year – but you can only do that if you have the time – so we will look at time management this month as a priority.


QUOTE - Either you run the day or the day runs you




We all have the same amount of time to get things done, but some get a lot more done in their day than others.

Why is that?

It basically due to the fact that they have created habits that help them to manage their time more effectively.

What I want you to look at this month is where you could be more clever with your time, and gain back some hours/minutes from your day so that you can get the more interesting things done, and who doesn’t want more time!

To get you started, here are some links to my favourite time management posts for inspiration:-

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A little challenge for you – why not try and gain at least one extra hour this month, and then use it for something you really want to do – have some fun with seeing where you can save time, and as always I’d love to hear about it!




We are lucky that we have a couple of long weekends this month, so why not make the most of it and plan to do something special for at least one day each of the two weekends, but also get some of your jobs done as well…

If you have a 3 day weekend it doesn’t feel as bad to spend one of them tackling some DIY or household jobs that you have been putting off – as you still have a whole 2 days to do the fun stuff.

You’ll be able to relax more when you know you have crossed some things off your TO DO list, and you can really enjoy a well earned rest of the weekend.

TIP – always try and do the jobs on the first day – then you have the reward of a rest afterwards – much easier than trying to gain the motivation after a couple of days off…



If you have children, they will no doubt have half term at the end of the month – start thinking about places to go and the people you want to see so that everyone has a great week.

If you work are there places that will look after your children for some of the week? Our gym does great days where they get to take part in loads of sports and crafts – and lots of places do one off days that kids can join in on which are a great way to break up the holidays and make them exciting (and wear them out a little!) – you only have to look in your local magazine/newspaper to find loads of interesting ideas that will make the week something special!

Why not book in some play dates for the kids and coffee for you and their mums, or a day out, and even work out some chores that the kids can help with – another way to get things crossed off the list! (I find that half terms are a great time to sort through kids wardrobes and toys).




  • What about looking at a BBQ for the end of the month? Get people invited, dust off the garden furniture – and really mark the beginning of summer
  • Organise a babysitter for a few nights out over the coming weeks – now the nights are lighter and getting warmer its lovely to be able to wander into town and have a drink or meal – you will feel refreshed!
  • Although getting outside is fantastic – when the suns shining it makes everyone more enthusiastic about getting things done – I find that getting rooms decorated works well now so that they are ready for the summer – and you can open the windows to let paint fumes out etc…. – the brighter days means that changes you make will really make an impact which is an added bonus!
  • If you are one of those people who can’t get motivated to exercise in the winter months, now is a great time to get outside walking – think of your swimsuit and wearing it over the summer if you need some extra motivation!
  • Ensure all plans are made and finalised for summer holidays – and start to make a list for whats needed. Getting a little each week from now until you go will make things so much easier.



  • Birthstone = Emerald
  • Flower = Lily of the Valley
  • Zodiac Signs –  Taurus April 20th to May 20th and Gemini May 21st to June 20th





MAY TO DO list printable - have everything you need all in one place


It’s available in the OMH Printables Library – the place where all free printables from the site are kept. Simply enter your email to become a member and get instant access. Hope you enjoy!

Printables Library


Get May organised - things to think about, and a free printable to get May more organised


So, we are now into the warmer part of the year where things seem a lot easier to get done as the sun is shining and we gain more energy.

Make the most of your energy by getting things done around the house, but also make the most of the Bank Holidays and Half Term if you can – more enjoyment in life is a must!

Above all have fun this month, and make the most of it…

What do you love about May? Do you have plans for this month? I’d love to know so please leave a comment below…


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