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Get July more organised…

I love July!. The kids are getting excited as the summer holidays are just around the corner, and hopefully you are able to get away from work as well over the summer – so what’s not to love! I have put together this post all about what you can get up to this month, to hopefully keep July organised…


Get July more organised - tips and ides of what to do this month including a free printable


Summer is well and truly here! Barbecues are upon us (while the weather lasts!), we can get outside more, and holidays are just around the corner – yey!

The days are lovely and long at the moment, with it not getting dark until after half 9 – which is just perfect for getting the most out of every minute. You can do loads during the day and still feel like you have an evening by the end of it! And what could be nicer than sitting outside with a drink in hand watching the sun go down – a great end to any day I’m sure you’ll agree.

This month it really is more about winding down – I think you deserve a little break after the previous few months…






This month is a great time to start thinking about days out as a family – when the kids are off – and also getting away as a couple or by yourself for some well deserved relaxation. After all – the summer is longer than just your main holiday!


You can’t escape it – it’s holiday season.

Schools break up nearer the end of the month for around 6 weeks, and whether you have kids or not, we are all more likely to take some sort of break from the daily grind at this time of year. Even offices tend to have a more relaxed feel as the summer kicks in.

So the key is to make the most of that time as much as you possibly can.

Getting organised for the holidays takes a little time, but is SO worth it – as you get so many rewards as a result:-

  • More time to relax and enjoy the weather
  • Easier to return from holidays as you are more sorted
  • Easier to go away as things are organised and will run smoothly while you are gone
  • Less worries about what needs to be done

Sounds lovely doesn’t it! – and it needn’t be hard to achieve.

Why not take a look at the posts I have written about holiday related items to get some inspiration – I particularly like the tips on what to do before you go, and how to make returning from holidays easier.




  • Get outdoors – enjoy the weather (I’m an optimist!) – have a few picnics, take a trip to the beach or a local river. There’s lots of time to be indoors on the colder months so make the most of it now.
  • BBQs are a great way of socialising in groups (see my post on quick wins to make more of your social life) – ask people who you think will get on together and who have similar aged children. They are also a lovely way to feed just your family,or to have a quiet evening with your partner, and a great excuse for eating outdoors and getting fresh air. What about BBQ night once a week?!
  • Get outside even if just for a short walk each day (I walk in my FitFlops** to get a quick workout at the same time!) – you’ll feel so much better for it. If you can – walk the kids to school in the days up to breaking up.
  • Finalise childcare for over the summer holidays if required – if you can’t get any for any reason consider sharing childcare with another family – that way you still get some work time!
  • I know its early to think about it – but have you ensured that you are all prepared for back to school in September? Ensure you have all you need from the school, as it will soon be shut for 6 weeks!
  • Finalise any holiday plans and start to look at what you need to take – do you need to start a shopping list? do you need to pay the balance for your holidays
  • Keep on top of the garden – with the hot weather being punctuated with rain at the moment everything is growing at a rate of knots – so do a little mowing and weeding each week so that you are always guest ready outside as well as inside. It becomes less of a chore when you do little and often.
  • If you work, are you ready for yours and your childrens holidays? Ensure your clients are aware of you being away, and try and manage your diary so you don’t come back to a mess. Always try and give yourself a couple of days after getting back to sort out the admin side of things before you start client work again if at all possible.
  • I hope that any US readers have a great Independence day on 4th July!




  • Birthstone = Ruby
  • Flower = Larkspur
  • Zodiac Signs –  Cancer June 21st to July 22nd and Leo July 23rd to August 22nd





Printable for organising the month of July


It’s available in the OMH Printables Library – the place where all free printables from the site are kept. Simply enter your email to become a member and get instant access. Hope you enjoy!

Printables Library


If you want to get more organised this month - then this one page printable is for you. Along with this you will get lots of tips and advice on how to get July more organisedAre you ready for July? Do you have your holiday plans in place, and are you prepared?

Above all, this month is about preparing for the holidays in whatever form they take for you. Take the time now to think about your holidays, plan the time you have off work/school so you make the most of it, and ensure that things are organised enough so that you don’t come home to more of a TO DO list than you went away facing – as there’s nothing that will kill that holiday feel quicker – and you may have the best summer yet.

I really hope you have a great month, and that the printable will help you get July organised!


If you have any tips for this month and would like to share, please leave a comment below – thanks in advance!

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