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Get January Organised!

Every month has it’s own set of things to do, things to remember, and areas of life that are most specific to that time of year – and so I wanted to create a series of posts that went through each month at a time to give you ideas of what to focus on at each point of the year – this month we are looking at January…

Get January Organised - to do's. goals, dates and a free printable!


January is seen by many as the hardest month.

After all, it’s just after the wonderful festivities of Christmas, but the decorations have now had to come down and it’s dark and cold outside with no respite for a good few months/weeks to come…

But there is another side to thing – there’s a lot of expectation in the air about the year ahead, and it can feel like a clean slate to many who love to set resolutions and promises that this year will be a better year in whatever way they want it to be.

It can have that real “back to school” feel about it – back to normality has it’s charms for many as the safety of routine and day to day life kicks back in once again.

The words I like to think of for this month are:-

  • New start
  • Fresh beginning
  • Excitement
  • Anticipation
  • Promise

What words would you use for this month? I’d love to know so please leave a comment at the end of this post….

For now though, here are a few of the things I like to think about during January – things that fit well into this time of year…








It may sound funny to be saying that at the start of the year, but you have just come out of one of the most hectic times (Christmas) and so will probably be feeling quite overwhelmed with the house and life in general right about now.

The daily routine that you had was probably forgotten for a few weeks, and as such the house probably needs some TLC, and you need the same.

This is the month where illness can strike – colds and flu are everywhere, and it’s the best time to not try and do too much too soon.

Make this month the month you get back to normal – have a sort out from the clutter that Christmas no doubt left, get your weeks routine back on track, and generally take care of yourself – that way you will be fighting fit when February comes around…



Either right at the end of December, or at the start of January I like to create my diary for the year.

Taking my old diary out of my planner (I use a Filofax), I always keep these pages as records (this is worth doing if you run your own business, but also it’s really useful to be able to check on when you did things if you are like me and create a year book each year).

One item that comes in really useful from the diary at this point is the page right at the back where I have noted any dates/appointments/notes etc… that are relevant to the following year.

Keeping track of them in one place means that the first job when I add in my new pages for the year is to simply transfer everything to the new diary on the right date.

Things that I add are dentist appointments, Car service dates, invitations to events etc…..

The next thing I look at adding to my new diary is all of the birthdays and special events from my Home File. I add these to the correct days so that I can easily keep track of what’s coming up (and I usually add in a note a few days before to remind me to post a card/present etc….)

And lastly – I ensure that I start to look at adding in socialising with friends and booking in holidays etc…. so that I can start to see the year panning out in advance.

TIP – Try and look at what annual leave you have and spread it over the year ahead so that you get time off regularly, and can coincide with school holidays etc…..



#3 – SALES

Every year I like to go to the sales after Christmas.

Not necessarily for myself, but to stock up on items that are reduced, save some money for other things, and to get a little ahead for the year.

Here are some of the things I would advise looking at getting now if you have the available budget (it will save you in the long run…):-

  • Christmas decorations
  • Christmas wrapping paper
  • Christmas cards
  • Christmas crackers
  • Birthday cards for the whole year (if you can bulk buy what you need this saves so much time over the year)
  • Childrens winter clothes in sizes for the following year (coats are especially worth getting now)




Everyone seems to look at getting fitter after Christmas has been and gone – something to do with a few too many mince pies!

This therefore is a great month to generally look at your fitness and health – whatever level you are at.

Look at adding in some fitness (walking, running, exercising at home, gym etc…) into your week and make it a priority to stick to that time just as you would any other appointment.

The benefits of getting a little (or a lot!) fitter will make such a difference to the whole year, so it’s a great time to get off to a good start!




  • Take your Christmas Decorations down by 6th at the latest – and put them away neatly – label so that it’s easy to sort through them all next year.
  • Have you booked your summer holidays yet? If not, get it done as things will be booked up before you know it



  • January Birthstone – Garnet
  • January Flower – Carnation
  • January Zodiac Signs –  Capricorn from December 22nd to January 19th and Aquarius from January 20th to February 18th




If you are like me and love to write lists at any opportunity, then you’ll be pleased to here that I have got a free printable for all months of the year that you can grab. Januarys looks like this: –

JANUARY printable - get January Organised


It’s available in the OMH Printables Library – the place where all free printables from the site are kept. Simply enter your email to become a member and get instant access. Hope you enjoy!

Printables Library



You can make a note of all the To Do’s, To Buys, Dates to remember, and general notes – and keep them all in one place (I advise adding to your diary at the start of the month to stay on track)


Planning and organising in January - free printable as well to keep things on track...

So why not set up your new year right now, and start as you mean to go on….

  • Give yourself a break!
  • Get your diary sorted and organised
  • Look at saving some money over the year by shopping in the sales
  • Get your fitness sorted
  • Don’t forget to take the decorations down and book your summer holiday as well…

Here’s to a very organised January – welcome to the new year!


What do you love/hate about this time of year? Please let me know below…

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2 Responses to Get January Organised!

  1. Annie Warner Jan 1, 2016 at 6:19 pm #

    Thank you a very helpful and positive article. A few things done already such as getting the diary and family calendar sorted in December we now looked at holidays and will book that next week. Instead of buying cards I shall spend a couple of evenings making them for the year ahead. Cheaper, more personal and you can re-use pictures, quotes and other bits out of magazines and cards.
    Happy new year !!

    • Chrissy @ Organise My House Jan 4, 2016 at 2:38 pm #

      Hi Annie – Thanks for your kind words – and great tip for the cards – it saves wasting the old ones! – Happy New Year!

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