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Get December more organised…

Christmas is just around the corner, expectation is in the air, children are starting to get excited for the holidays, and a few days off at the end of the month are waiting for most of us. December is here!

There’s absolutely no getting around the fact that the festivities will totally dominate whatever you are getting up to, and you want to be prepared so you can enjoy them too!

Here are some ideas and help on things to do in December, to make the most of the month and make it count.

Get December organised - lots of things to do and think about



It all seems magical at this time of year – especially when children are involved! But with this time comes the possibility of a lot of stress, spending and time restraints – which we need to minimise as much as possible so we get to enjoy the build up as well.

With so much going on over and above our usual schedules, it can often be a time that feels overwhelming to people.

Trying to juggle all the commitments you have, social / family / home / job etc…. can be too much.

That’s why I have tried to get you to get lots of the prep done in Oct and Nov as then you will feel prepared and able to attend all those wonderful social occasions that are happening this month without feeling guilty that there are jobs to do at home still. If you haven’t been able to get much of the prep done before now, then why not have a real blitz in the first week in December – get everyone involved and delegate as much as possible.

December should be about the fun and excitement of Christmas as much as possible – so start to enjoy yourself and remember, as long as the basics have been done, the rest will follow (and if they don’t, will it really matter in the end?!)

TIP – To try and compensate for the extra busy-ness that you are inevitably going to face this month, try and have a complete break from your TO DO list. I always leave December for only Christmas related tasks as that’s plenty!. The other jobs can wait…. 






You will be pleased to know that we are nearly there – Christmas is just around the corner now. By the end of the first week in December you will be doing well, and be able to relax a little, if you have managed to do the following things:-

  • Decluttered the house ready for the madness that is Christmas!
  • Written and posted all your Christmas Cards
  • Bought all presents
  • Posted presents for people you won’t see from now until after Christmas
  • Planned out what food you need over the holidays
  • Sent invites out for parties you are hosting, and replied to anyones invites you have received
  • Decorated the house

I know – it sounds like so much – but trust me, you will appreciate it, as you will then have time to socialise, take time out to enjoy the kids excitement, watch nativity plays, and generally enjoy christmas!

You do also still have to buy the food, wrap the rest of the presents, and get the house “guest ready” – so don’t think you will be bored ;o)

santas coming - Christmas planning tips and ideas



It’s all too easy to forget about the new year when Christmas takes all your attention, but take a few hours before things get too crazy, and plan what you are going to do for New Years Eve, New Years Day, and also whether you need to plan anything for the first few days of the new year.

The very last thing you want to be worried about straight after Christmas is forgetting a birthday, or not having the right school uniform for back to school. Think about what comes directly after Christmas as well, and then you can really put your feet up and relax!

TIP – I always get my new year diary sorted and ready to go around the second week of December. Sounds early – but then I know I won’t forget any appointments etc… that happen immediately after Christmas. I have started to write any January onwards appointments into the very last page of my current diary, so its easy to be able to transfer it all over.



  • Buy a couple of extra presents such as gift cards or chocolates – for any unexpected guests
  • Don’t forget to send cards to your neighbours, and anyone that helps you throughout the year (babysitter, milkman, hairdresser etc….)
  • Ensure you get a little downtime with your partner – book a night out
  • Watch a Christmas film or two with your children to really get the excitement going – the classics are always a winner in our house!
  • Enjoy Christmas – you deserve it!



  • Birthstone – Turquoise
  • Flower – Narcissus (and the Christmas Plant is the Poinsettia – I love to have a few of these dotted around the house)
  • Zodiac Signs – Sagittarius November 22nd to December 21st and Capricorn December 22nd to January 21st



This is the last in a series of 12 printables – one for every month of the year – Decembers look like this: –

December organising printable free


It’s available in the OMH Printables Library – the place where all free printables from the site are kept. Simply enter your email to become a member and get instant access. Hope you enjoy!

Printables Library


Tips and ideas of things to do in December to get organised and enjoy the run up to Christmas - including a free printable

For me – I consider the 1st of December the start of Christmas. It’s too early before, and although I love the holiday, I don’t want to appear too eager!

I love the build up of excitement, the expectation, and the parties! – it’s a great month as everyone is usually so happy (one of the reasons I have never minded my Birthday being so close to Christmas), so let’s make the most of it.

Here’s to an amazing December, and a special Christmas – I hope you have loads of fun and manage to enjoy the festivities as much as possible.

If you have any tips for this month and would like to share, please leave a comment below – thanks in advance!

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