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Make Yourself At Home

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I have a confession to make. Every January I get my oven cleaned. By a professional. And it's the BEST[...]
When you have guests to stay, you want them to feel at home, and if you have a room specifically[...]
If you've got visitors this holiday season, this is the place to get tips and ideas to help you prepare[...]
We've all been there.... The house is in need of a clean, there's "stuff" everywhere, and then the phone rings[...]
Eating at Christmas is a full time job! These Christmas food planning tips will make it easy to know what[...]
Christmas party planning got you overwhelmed? These Christmas socialising planning tips will help things go much more smoothly... Christmas can[...]
Having guests to stay is great, when you're prepared. Otherwise it's a stressful experience that can make you not enjoy[...]
If you're organising a party in the near future, or even just thinking of hosting any sort of party soon[...]
As the first part of my SMILE series of posts, I wrote about "How to Live a Balanced Life". It was[...]