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Introducing the new eBay “Collections”

I have used eBay for many years now, both for selling and buying various items for myself and my house – and as such was really excited to be asked by them to try out a brand new feature they were launching before it hit the site.

This feature is something that I really feel will help people to get the most out of the site, by giving you a much more personalised experience, and one that can help create a more organised way of shopping and searching for things (which obviously appealed for me for this blog and my readers!).

This new feature is called “Collections”.

I mostly use eBay to hunt for unique items for my house – and when I am looking for things for a specific project (redecorating or an organising project of course!) I take a look there to see whats available.

What hasn’t been possible until now though, is to be able to group the things I find together. So, when eBay said that this was soon to be available in their Collections feature, I was eager to give it a go.

Why would you want to group items?

I would love to group items together for the main reason that seeing everything as a whole – and how they work together for a room scheme or a project etc…. would be so much easier than having to bookmark each one and flick through them every time.

Think of the possibilities:-


  • See accessories and furniture for a room that you are working on – and whether they all work together successfully
  • Gathering items required for a specific project such as organising a room (!) or setting up a home office etc…
  • Grouping ideas for presents for different people/occasions etc…
  • Creating outfits from different clothes available


Basically it can help you to solidify your ideas, and create a virtual shopping list as you go!

How do you create Collections in eBay?

You can create Collections very simply.

When you find a product you like, simply click on it to look at all the details.

In the main box at the top, where the price is – you will be used to seeing the option “Add to Watch List” – where you can watch items to ensure you don’t miss the auction end date and time. Directly underneath this is the new option “Add to Collection”.

add to collection - ebay collections via

If you click on the “Add to Collection” you will be given a choice of all the collections you currently have, or whether you want to create a new collection.

Its really that simple!

How did I use eBay collections?

I decided to use my collections to group things together for organising specific areas of the home – after all – it was the organised thing to do!

I looked at the house room by room, focusing specifically on items that would really help to get each space more organised, and I have even gone for more specific areas as well such as “out and about”, “paperwork” and “clothes”.

The process of using the collections meant that I could find things that would work well together, and easily be able to find what I needed when I needed it as I had organised the collections in that way.

Putting the items together was great fun, and helped me to see what was available – I found a few items that inspired me for future blog posts as well which was a bonus!

If you’d like to see collections in more detail  – then I have shown screenshots below of each of the collections I have made – and if you want to take a further look then just click on the pictures.

I hope you have fun taking a look around – and also get inspired if you are doing any organising projects at the moment!

Organising Kids - Ebay Collections

organising paperwork - Ebay Collections

Organising when out and About - Ebay Collections

The Organised Bathroom - Ebay Collections

The Organised Bedroom - Ebay Collections

The Organised Hallway - Ebay Collections

The Organised Home Office - Ebay Collections

The Organised Kitchen - Ebay Collections

The Organised Living Room - Ebay Collections

The Organised Utility - Ebay Collections

The Organised Wedding - Ebay Collections

Top Organising Products for your clothes - Ebay Collections

What do I love about Collections?

Having used collections for a few weeks now, I have really fallen for them, and what they are capable of doing for you if you use eBay regularly – here are my reasons to love them:-


  • They make your experience within eBay much more personalised
  • You can see everything you like within your own collections
  • Even items that have sold or ended will show up in your collection, so you have a record of it and can search for similar (rather than losing it entirely)
  • You can share your collections with others, and equally, you can find collections from others that may inspire you!


So – you’ve seen whats possible – what would use eBay Collections for? I’d love to know so why not leave a comment below – thanks in advance!


Please note that this is a Sponsored Post: In partnership with eBay- for more information about this type of post please see my Disclosure page – Thank you!

This is a Sponsored Post – for more information about this type of post please see my disclosure page – thank you! – See more at:
This is a Sponsored Post – for more information about this type of post please see my disclosure page – thank you! – See more at:

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