Do you REALLY need to organise that?


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Are you forever finding new ways to sort things in your home? Finding the best storage solutions? Tackling how to fit more into every square inch?

Do you need to?!

It’s a question that we can sometimes forget to ask, especially if we try to get organised before we declutter (something my ADORE method wouldn’t advise!), but have you ever stopped to think whether what you are organising really needs organising at all?

Do you really need to organise that? Ask yourself before you waste your time...

Picture the scene –

You have a few hours spare (!) and have decided to sort all your clothes out.

Taking everything out, you start putting it back in a more organised way – feeling happier and happier as you progress as you have tidied the space beautifully.

But – when the time is up – you look at your stuff and the wardrobe is still full to the brim, the drawers are stuffed with things, and although everything is nicely ordered, there is still a long way to go before you could say you were organised.

Frustrating to say the least!

You may even decide that getting organised is a waste of time, and that it simply doesn’t work.


I have been known in the past to tackle projects head on, wanting the quick fix, only to find that things are anything but fixed at the end of the day and getting more annoyed than ever.

I used to spend hours working out how neatly I could store everything in a space – but then I realised what I was doing….

I was organising that which I didn’t need.

I was trying to organise too much stuff.

I wasn’t actually looking at what I was trying to organise, I was just intent on organising what was there – moving it from place to place and trying to find a solution that would work.

Only it would never work, not really, because I was trying to organise stuff I really didn’t want or need, and therefore I would never be truly happy with the results – no matter how pretty it all looked!

Do you do similar?


What’s the answer?

The trick, of course, is quite simple.

Declutter first.

Only then can you truly organise a space that will work well for you.

Deciding what you actually need, and what you actually use, is key.

Imagine opening your wardrobe and only finding that which you wear inside it – clothes that make you feel happy , what a great feeling that would be!


Less stuff = less to organise

A huge benefit of decluttering before you try and organise a space is that you also have less to organise!

Sounds simple – but it really makes a world of difference to how much time you spend organising a space if you only have the stuff that you really need in it.

You can work out the best solution for organising that which you really need and want to keep, and you don’t waste time/energy and money on trying to organise things for the sake of organising.


So, next time you tackle a project around your home, think about whether you actually need everything you are trying to organise first.

If you need help with this, then why not try my ADORE method as this goes through the process in a really easy way to help you to stay on track and make it as stress free as possible.

Do you ever ask yourself whether what you are doing is actually really needed? You really need to do something else before you start organising something - find out what, here

I’d love to know how you get on, and whether you have seen a trait in yourself about organising things for the sake of organising, and not just organising that which you really need – so please leave a comment below – thanks! 

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