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  • I had the same number for both types My challenge is like for my supplies to be organized. When the object is in
    A drawer or closet, I think it’s lost. I find myself purchasing more supplies because there out of site. Any ideas on ways to resolve the two types?

    • Hi Libby,

      It sounds like you still would be better to have more of your things in sight if you are thinking they are “out of sight, out of mind”.
      I would look at having small boxes on shelves with labels clearly on them to show what there is in them, as then you can see then but they are still a little bit enclosed. Also – if you have a plan for where everything is in your home and one place for everything then you are less likely to not know what you have because they are in one place and that place never changes – this would stop you from buying more as you get used to it. Label everything!

      Hope this helps x

  • Definitely a mix. I try to put things away when done with them….but I am usually working on several projects at a time. Example: doing laundry, figuring out meals for the day while cleaning out the refrigerator… oh, almost forgot to let the cat back in from the porch which reminds me to clean the litter box…. I usually get most things done but I don’t hit feel guilty if something has to wait for another day as long as ‘something’ was finished.

    • Sounds like you’ve got multi tasking sorted Carolyn! It’s definitely the best way to get all the little things done more quickly. I also love that you pat yourself on the back for what you do manage to get done each day – so important and usually forgotten!

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