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Do you know your Organising Personality?

Never underestimate how important you are as an individual when it comes to organising your home and your life.

Your personality is totally unique to you.

I stress on this site that systems should be made that suit you as a person and your way of life – and that getting organised should involve creating new habits and systems that suit you and enhance your life without making it too much of a huge effort in the process.

If getting organised is too much like hard work, the chances are you won’t keep at it. Therefore in order for it to feel easier to you, you need to understand yourself and look within to realise your potential.

Find out what your personality is when it comes to getting organised

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How does your mind work?

You have to understand how you work as a person and then organise your home accordingly.

This will ensure that you will have a fully functioning and calm household where everyone knows whats what – making it easier for you to have time and energy for the more important things in your life – your goals!

Getting organised isn’t just for the naturally organised, anyone can get more organised than they currently are, its just working out how to get there that people find difficult.

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How can you get organised to suit you?

Most people would love to get organised, both in their homes and personal lives – as it will ultimately give them more time and money and less stress. However, it’s easier said than done, and the key to being successful is to know what your organising personality really is.

Have you ever been to someones office or home and seen them using and praising what seems to be a fail safe system, only to take the idea home with you and it to fail within days?

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A good example of this would be a post system, where they have drawers for each persons post, and then a drawer for post to go out of the office / house. This is great IF all people use it, and you don’t mind your outgoing post waiting until there is enough to take it to the postbox. If you are the type of person who is very spontaneous and works better knowing that everything has been done immediately then this method will drive you mad (so will watching other peoples post build up without then doing anything about it – grr!) and would therefore fail if you installed it in your space


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“Failures” like this are simply the way that we perceive things – and are not at all the reality of the situation.

If you had taken the time to work out how YOU work best, and created a system that works for you, and not copied one that works for someone who isn’t like you, then it will be much more likely to be a success.

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What’s your organising personality and how can you work with it to get better results?

I like to break it down simply by working out what type of brain you have, and how you function in your day to day life at the moment. There are lots of derivatives and different ways to do this, but keeping it relatively simple is often a lot easier!

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Are you a Logical or Creative Person?

As a very basic guide, people who use their left brain more easily are more logical thinkers, and things tend to be very black and white (right or wrong), whereas people who use their right sides more tend to be more creative and things are various shades of grey.



List makers



Detail Oriented



Visually Driven

Uses images more than words

Focus on the whole

Go with the flow


So – which are you? Take this simple test and see for yourself – just tick each of the following THAT YOU AGREE WITH:-


When I’m finished with an item, I put it away immediately

I love having all my possessions on show and around the house

Whether I’m looking at a work of art or a room, I tend to prefer symmetrical design

I like to move around my furniture a few times a year rather than stick with the same arrangement

My friends and family can rely on me to know whats going on at any given time

Keeping current projects where I can see them is a must

I love having a designated spot for each item in my wardrobe or drawers

On my computer I often am working on several things at once

I have a specific morning routine that never fails me

When making purchases I usually go with my gut

I often wear the same jewellery everyday

If I have to explain directions to someone, I’ll draw a map rather than writing it down (and I would use landmarks rather than street names)

When I find a great meal at a restaurant, I order it every time I go there

I often get in the car to go out and finds its low on petrol

I always bring a shopping list to the supermarket

I have a lot of objects and ornaments around my house

My books and CDs are in alphabetical order or by genre

I am fine with people making last minute changes to plans

I feel guilty if I don’t follow the rules while playing board games

My desk is always filled with piles of papers, sticky notes and business cards

I work best when I have a plan or a schedule to work with

I HATE wasting time


Now – count up how many blues and how many greens you have ticked. look at how which colour you’ve got the most ticks in – if it’s the blues then you are a LOGICAL thinker, and if you have more greens then you are a CREATIVE thinker. If you have roughly the same amount of each then you are a mix and can look at all organising methods to find which is right for each situation – lucky you!

I am definitely a logical thinker, but have a creative side too – however I do identify much more with the logical approach to organising, and because I know this, I tend to work better when I install systems and storage that is in line with the logical mindset.

– – – – – – – – – – –

The Logical Organiser

You like everything out of sight and in order.

You like to plan things in advance and know whats going on

You like to feel in control

You may well be already quite organised, and you find it the most frustrating when you are not.

Because of these traits, you are likely to find that organising will work best for you if you have some of the following things in place:-

  • Loads of storage in every room with most things out of sight
  • Labels to ensure that everyone knows where things are and what should be where
  • Systems and Routines for all areas and people in the house
  • A well organised diary so that everyone knows whats happening at a glance
  • A specified place for everything
  • Lists, Lists and more Lists!
  • Matching storage that coordinates with the decor

– – – – – – – – – – –

The Creative Organiser

You like everything to be visible

You like to be spontaneous

You always have several things on the go at any one time

You are more easily distracted

You tend to be more emotional and sentimental

Because of these traits, you are likely to find that organising will work best for you if you have some of the following things in place:-

  • A large noticeboard in a prominent place so you can see invitations, pictures, letters etc…
  • Lots of items displayed and dotted around the house
  • Space for all your projects (a craft room, a home office etc…)
  • Routines in place but only for the essentials
  • Spare time is used how you want to when it comes up – it isn’t planned
  • Asking others not to distract you would work well – don’t answer the phone, have everything you need for a project at hand rather than having to stop to find something halfway through
  • Try and finish one thing before you start another
  • Use storage thats interesting to look at, or more unusual – even see through!
  • Photos on display
  • Memorabilia boxes for every member of the family
  • Use hooks for items that you use often

– – – – – – – – – – –

Personality traits - what kind of organiser are you? There's lots of detail in this two part series about your personality and how it affects how you set up systems that will work for you, and not against youSo – there you have the 2 very basic personality types – and working out which of these you are can help all by itself and I am sure you can now see more easily.

However, if you want to know even more then simply CLICK HERE or on the small image below to delve a little deeper into who you are and what will work for you….

Delving deeper into your organising personality - what are you?

I’d love to know which of the two types you are (or whether you are a mix!), so please leave a comment below – thanks in advance! 

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4 Responses to Do you know your Organising Personality?

  1. Libby Sep 7, 2017 at 3:23 am #

    I had the same number for both types My challenge is like for my supplies to be organized. When the object is in
    A drawer or closet, I think it’s lost. I find myself purchasing more supplies because there out of site. Any ideas on ways to resolve the two types?

    • Chrissy Halton Sep 7, 2017 at 11:02 am #

      Hi Libby,

      It sounds like you still would be better to have more of your things in sight if you are thinking they are “out of sight, out of mind”.
      I would look at having small boxes on shelves with labels clearly on them to show what there is in them, as then you can see then but they are still a little bit enclosed. Also – if you have a plan for where everything is in your home and one place for everything then you are less likely to not know what you have because they are in one place and that place never changes – this would stop you from buying more as you get used to it. Label everything!

      Hope this helps x

  2. Carolyn Apr 3, 2017 at 5:15 pm #

    Definitely a mix. I try to put things away when done with them….but I am usually working on several projects at a time. Example: doing laundry, figuring out meals for the day while cleaning out the refrigerator… oh, almost forgot to let the cat back in from the porch which reminds me to clean the litter box…. I usually get most things done but I don’t hit feel guilty if something has to wait for another day as long as ‘something’ was finished.

    • Chrissy Halton Apr 13, 2017 at 8:59 am #

      Sounds like you’ve got multi tasking sorted Carolyn! It’s definitely the best way to get all the little things done more quickly. I also love that you pat yourself on the back for what you do manage to get done each day – so important and usually forgotten!

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