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Do you have a question about organising your home or life?

No matter how many posts I write on this blog, I don’t think I will ever run out of ideas! That’s how big the subject of creating a simpler home and life is – pretty much all encompassing.

and this has got me thinking…

Although I do have loads of future posts already in my head, what I would really love is to include more specific questions from you on the blog.

Do you have a question about organising your home or life that you'd love me to answer? ask away!

I want to above all else ensure that this blog helps you and others to get to the place you want to be in your home and life – and as such I decided that it was about time to re-introduce the Organising FAQs page to you.

This page can be found under the START HERE menu of the navigation bar above (or hidden away at the top of the screen if you are looking at this on a mobile!) or simply by CLICKING HERE, and it lists loads of questions that have already been answered on different posts over the years.

It’s a kind of directory that you can go to to get specific answers to issues that you may have and that have already been tackled on the blog.

organise my house

Do you have a question for me?

My request to you today is that if your question isn’t on the list, and you are just dying to find out the answer to something – and it can be on any of the topics that this blog covers – then I would love it if you could simply add your question to the comments section below this post.

Ask any question you like about getting more organised in your home and life - I'll do my best to answer them all on the blog!

I am so excited to hear what you want to read more about, and what issues you are having currently with getting more organised, and I want to thank you in advance for your questions and ideas, I’m really looking forward to hearing them!


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4 Responses to Do you have a question about organising your home or life?

  1. Diana K Mar 6, 2015 at 9:09 am #

    I am courious about your journey. You said you created your blog to provide information you hadn’t been able to find and/or that applied to life in the UK. Brilliant!
    My question: since you were searching for information online, have you ever NOT been organized? Were you not particularly organized before and therefore searching or were you organized before and just looking for additional info?
    Not a blog question, per se, but I’m curious about where you were before becoming an organisation master…

    • Chrissy Halton Mar 7, 2015 at 7:19 pm #

      Hi Diana – I have always been organised at heart – totally love anything to do with it to be honest – and that’s why I started reading more and more online about it and decided to start a UK based organising site. You can read more on my ABOUT page – just click START HERE to get there – and thanks for your question! Chrissy x

  2. Hazel Marshall Feb 19, 2015 at 4:30 pm #

    Hi Chrissy

    Is it possible to do a blog on de-cluttering and organising a garage?

    My husband and I are currently helping my parents; and although the house is not too bad but the garage is a fiasco. I have been going over the ADORE method with them and trying to get them to think about what they want to have in the garage. Although at the moment there is sufficient room for Mum’s car, I think we could use the space more efficiently.

    Any help and ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks


    • Chrissy Halton Feb 21, 2015 at 3:32 pm #

      Hi Hazel – thanks for your comment! – I am planning on organising my own garage this year so watch this space! x

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