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In our home my hubby creates the most washing, by far.

He goes to the gym at least once a day (bags of sweaty kit come back with him…..), he works in an office and wears a suit (shirt etc…. required daily) and then changes when he gets home into casual clothes.

3 sets of clothing every day!

I work from home, so unless I am visiting a client I only wear one outfit a day, and go the the gym just 3 times a week on average.

My daughter is now at school so has only her uniform and one or two casual outfits during the week to wash.

We started to realise more and more how unbalanced the laundry was when we looked at what was being ironed, and what was being put away (its sort of hidden better when it comes to just washing it), and lucky for me, hubby saw this as unfair.

As such, he started to do more of the washing, and slowly it has become his main job in the house.

It was an easy change, as he is more than happy to do it as its mostly his and so he gets the benefit, and other jobs he used to do have been given back to me – so the chores we both do are still very evenly allocated (depending on whose schedule is busier each week).

This got me thinking….

It just makes total sense to allocate certain jobs to certain members of the household if they contribute the most to the job needing to be done.

It works on 2 main levels:-

Level 1:-

The person is doing something that has the most benefit to them so are more likely to do it – and do it well.

Level 2:-

The person can see exactly how much work/mess they are creating, and therefore may start to create less naturally. After all, if they have to to the task to make it right again, then why woudn’t they see a better or easier way to get it done.

So –

It doesn’t matter if the chores are lessened as a result of giving them to the right people in the house, as its all streamlining – so why not try this method out in your family, see what people do the most of and allocate them that task.

Here are some more examples to get you thinking:-

  • If your kids are always walking dirt into the house because they don’t take their shoes off – get them to mop the floor every other day. They will soon learn that taking their shoes off lessens that task!
  • What if you are forever picking up toys and bits at the end of each day – so that the house is back to normal for the morning? If you get your kids to do this with you (and your partner) then slowly they will realise that this takes less time to do if its tidied as they go throughout the day instead.
  • Washing – if you havesomeone who puts everything they wear into the wash, regardless of really whether its dirty – then get them to do a share of it – they may just stop putting in so much!

So, when allocating chores, give them to those that contribute the most, and see what a difference that makes!

Just an idea…..

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