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  1. I just wanted to say I’m amazed at how much difference these categories make. When decluttering I tend to make random piles, put away, rubbish elc, and keep seeing the suggestion of uses labelled boxes etc. I have always put it down as being unnecessary , but I have just used these cards to sort a drawer. It was so quick and easy, and everything seemed to fit in one of the piles. I wouldn’t have thought of the frequent and in-frequent use options, but even this made a big difference – at the end I just had to put the little pile of infrequent use at the back of the drawer and frequent at the front!
    Thank you.

    • Hi Karen – I am so so pleased you like the categories – they can really make the job of decluttering easier – and it’s great to have such positive feedback x

  2. Lovely, Chrissy! There’s something about these little cards that makes me take them seriously – better than a peely-off Post It note any day. Thank you!

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