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After the huge success of my “How to successfully declutter anything in your home” post a few weeks ago, I had loads of emails asking about the printable decluttering category cards.

I made these cards to help me every time I want to do any decluttering in the house – so that I can create easy to find sections in the space and generally make the process easier and quicker (after all, once they have been made, they can be reused as much as I want).

As such, I have decided to take you step by step through how to create your own – and also give you the printouts to try yourself on your next decluttering project (after all, if I can save you a little time, why not!).

Hope they help!

Decluttering category cards to help with your decluttering piles - clutter


Step 1 – Print out the labels

Decluttering cateory printables - step one - labels printed off the computer - via

The first step is, of course, to print out the labels I have created: –



They’re available in the OMH Printables Library – the place where all free printables from the site are kept. Just CLICK HERE or on the image below, and you’ll go straight there. Hope you enjoy!

Free Printables Library Icon



This will give you all the different categories you may need for any project. There is also a blank one that you can use for anything specific to your needs as well (use a post it note to add what you want, or a dry erase marker on the plastic coating that we will add on in a second….)

You do need to make a decision on how you want the labels to look:-

OPTION ONE – You could print these labels out onto coloured paper – which would give you full colour everywhere you see white in the labels above.

OPTION TWO – You could stick with white labels with white backgrounds, exactly like the labels above – and therefore you could miss out steps 2 and 3 and go straight to step 4

OPTION THREE – You could do what I did and add a coloured background to the labels to make them stand out more, and just make them a little prettier – if you do this then you need to go to step 2…


Step 2 – Cut the labels out

Decluttering category printables - the labels when cut out - from

To add a coloured background to the labels, they needed to be cut out, like whats shown in the picture above. This does take a bit of time, but I feel it makes the labels much nicer to look at, and I wanted something I would love to use.


Step 3 – Add a background

decluttering labels from

I am a big fan of black and white, but also love to use brown wrapping paper for presents and labels – so naturally I went for a brown paper background (I picked up a packet of A4 paper from Paperchase**).

This is where you can have some fun though – pick a different colour for each category or type of category – add a wrapping paper as a background, or a wallpaper, or indeed anything that you love and that would make your printables unique and special to you.

Simply stick each label onto a background of A4 size, and you are nearly there!


Step 4 – Laminate the labels

laminating decluttering labels from organisemyhouse.comThe label with the laminating pouch around it, ready for laminating

laminating decluttering labels from

I love laminating things that I want to use again and again, as they avoid being torn and damaged so easily.

For these labels it was really important to make them as durable as possible, as they would be used all over the house and during lots of sorting and decluttering jobs. They also were quite fragile after they had been cut out and stuck onto the backing paper so I wanted to make sure that they would all stay perfect.

The laminator I use is the Texet A4 Laminator**,  which was bought relatively inexpensively from Amazon, and I used the Texet A4 Laminating Pouches** as well. I haven’t used other laminators recently and so can’t say whether this is the best one or not, but it has a good track record on Amazon (#1 best seller) and I have had no issues with it at all.


Step 5 – Get organised!

Decluttering category printables from

Now I had all the labels laminated, I wanted to secure them together in some way. This is again an extra step, so feel free not to do this, but it works so well as you can just hang them up somewhere ready to grab and use (and they can get a little slippy after being laminated!)

I happened to have an old metal ring that I used for fabric samples once upon a time in my designers kit, so I simply put a hole punch in each label and used this to keep them all together (you just unscrew one side, feed the labels onto the ring, and screw the top back on – voila!).

You could use a ribbon (bow it and then you can undo the bow and pick out the categories you need), or you can buy similar rings** on Amazon



Decluttering category cards to help with your decluttering piles - clutter cards to help sorting things out…and you’re done!

Now you’re ready to get decluttering, and have a gorgeous way to categorise all your stuff really easily.

I hope that this helps you too – and would love to see what you create! Please drop me an email with pictures if you can!

Note – You don’t have to make these labels to successfully declutter – as you can always use simple post it notes or grab a pad of paper for your categories – I just find that making these helps me to feel more organised and ready to tackle a project immediately – and who doesn’t want that!


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