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Inspirational ideas to use VELUX roof windows for maximising the daylight in your kitchen, playroom, loft, or in fact any single storey extension you have in your home. Lots of great ideas to create the perfect space that will look fantastic but also lift your familys mood and help everyone really enjoy the space.

How to maximise daylight in your home using Velux Windows

This post is part of a sponsored project for the BritMums #VELUXdaylight Project, sponsored by VELUX. Learn more about how VELUX can improve daylight and mood in your home on and

How much daylight does your home get?

Having a bright and daylight filled home is at the top of most peoples wish-lists – and I know that I feel so much better when I’m in a space that has lots of natural light in it.

It’s so important, in fact, that we have tried to maximise it wherever possible in our house, and I wanted to share some ideas and inspiration with you today.

As such, I wanted to look today at one of the really successful ways we have been able to get loads of light into our own home – specifically in our kitchen, in the hope that it will inspire you to do the same.

After all, it’s the room in the house that we use first thing in the morning, so it makes sense that we get as much natural daylight into the space as possible to wake us up and get us ready for the day ahead…


When we moved into our current home (way back in 2010), it needed quite a bit of work to make it the house we wanted, and I had lots of plans to make the space amazing (I was working as an Interior Designer at the time, so it was the perfect project for me to get my teeth into).

Luckily, we were given a great shell to start from.

The kitchen we inherited was fine, but it did have a need for a refresh, and although we knew that we wanted to extend the house – we decided to live with it for a while until we knew how we wanted the space to look and feel.

TIP – Always live with a space before you make major changes. You never know how you will use it, what the light’s like at different time of the day/year, and what you really need. This will usually prevent quite a lot of bad decisions, and save time and money in the process.

The best thing about the room by far was the fact that it was quite a bright room – and it already had windows on 2 sides: –


Kitchen before extension

But we knew it could be even better!

Getting daylight into the space for as much of the day as possible was the aim, because we used the room 24/7 almost (as most of us do!) – and therefore adding to the existing windows without taking away from the space we needed for the kitchen was key.

So – we extended a little and pushed the back wall out about 2 metres.

Because we added a room on top of the kitchen at the same time, we also made sure that we were left with a lovely sloping roof area at the edge of the room, which echoed the already existing sloping roof on the adjacent wall.

These were the walls that the sun hit over the course of the morning into late afternoon – it was decided that as part of the build we would add in some extra windows to maximise all the daylight that was hitting the room.

But we had to think carefully, because we didn’t want to lose any wall space for the kitchen itself, so we decided to utilise the sloping roof spaces and started to think about adding some VELUX roof windows.


Kitchen Extension using Velux Windows

Kitchen extension using Velux Windows

As you can see – the VELUX roof windows added SO much to the room: –

  • Extra daylight – it’s possibly the brightest kitchen I have ever been in!
  • Afternoon daylight into the kitchen area
  • No loss of kitchen storage space
  • Privacy from the neighbours, while still letting light in. We have curtains on the kitchen doors, but even when they’re closed there is lovely light in the space from the VELUX roof windows.

Along with all that, I am also in love with the white finish. This was a purely decorative choice, but the fact that they match the other windows in the room, and seamlessly blend into the rest of the ceiling, just finishes off the space beautifully.

It’s like they were always there – which for me is a sign that something works well!

Closeup of White Velux Windows in Sloping Roof

I love this room so much, and a lot of the reason for this is the daylight we’ve managed to maximise.


When I do any home project, I always create a Pinterest board for it, because it’s great to collect together all the ideas and see them in one place. This shows me quickly what themes are cropping up, what I love, and what doesn’t work.


If you’re thinking about creating more daylight in your kitchen, or adding to the room in the near future, then I really hope that our home project has inspired you to think about using VELUX roof windows.

BUT, I always try and give you as many ideas as possible (we’re all different, after all!) – so I’ve collaborated with a few others amazing bloggers who have also built a single storey extension or loft conversion using Velux roof windows in their own homes, and talked about them on their blogs. They have loads of great inspiration to share as well, along with their own Pinterest Boards for even MORE ideas, so why not take a look…

Jenni from Chilling with Lucas

Jenni has written all about how VELUX roof windows create a bright and comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen whether they are cooking or having a catch up. She also mentions how much better it makes getting ready, with natural daylight in their single storey bedroom extension rather than unnatural lights.

Visit her Pinterest Board

Catherine from Growing Family

Catherine has used VELUX roof windows in her single storey kitchen extension to create an open plan family room that’s flooded with natural daylight.

Visit her Pinterest Board

Becky from A Beautiful Space

Becky writes about the power of VELUX roof windows to add a lighter and brighter vibe to a kitchen and change the whole mood of a home.

Visit her Pinterest Board


Wherever you are refurbishing or extending – it’s always worth looking at adding more natural daylight into the area – and these bloggers have managed to do just that in their own homes with some fantastic results: –

Laura from SideStreetStyle

Laura talks about how using a Velux roof window has transformed her small loft bathroom into a space full with natural daylight, making it feel spacious, calm and a place you want to relax at the end of the day. She also gives some fantastic tips on how to style a small loft bathroom for maximum potential.

Visit her Pinterest Board

Sarah From Extraordinary Chaos

Sarahs post is all about how to create a light and airy loft bathroom using tiles and a cleverly placed mirror to bounce light coming through a VELUX roof window and how that impacts on a loft room feeling lighter and brighter. It also covers how to plan a loft bathroom to give an illusion of space.

Visit her Pinterest Board

Emma from Mummy..Mummy..MUM!!

Emma has a lovely loft conversion that she uses as a playroom. It’s full of natural daylight thanks to the VELUX roof windows and gives the kids plenty of space to play and chill out with their friends.

Visit her Pinterest Board

Gill from A Baby on Board

Gill writes about how a loft conversion with VELUX roof windows transformed her family home, giving them a light and airy master bedroom and open plan office space, (along with tips on planning your own loft conversion).

Visit her Pinterest Board

And last, but definitely not least, is Clare from Maybush Studio

She shares the beginning of her journey to brighten her daughter’s bedroom by adding a pair of VELUX roof windows. She takes inspiration from her parents who have just added them to a loft conversion in their home.

Visit her Pinterest Board


Now it’s your chance to win with Britmums and VELUX roof windows.

All you need to do is create your own Pinterest mood board showing how VELUX roof windows bring daylight and fresh air into homes.  

This could include pictures of your own home, ideas for a renovation project you are planning or inspiration from elsewhere.

There are £800 worth or prizes available (1 * £200 John Lewis Voucher and 8 * £75 John Lewis Voucher).

The competition will launch on 23rd April on the BritMums website and Pinterest. Good Luck!

Why not take a look at my Pinterest board too for some inspiration – CLICK HERE.

This post is part of a sponsored project for the BritMums #VELUXdaylight Project, sponsored by VELUX. Learn more about how VELUX can improve daylight and mood in your home on and

Maximise Natural Daylight In your Home - VeluxSo, there you have it – gorgeous ideas for all sorts of single storey extensions and loft conversions using VELUX roof windows.

I truly love how they transformed our space – because getting as much daylight into your home as possible really is key to being motivated each and every day. It puts you in the right mood to tackle what’s ahead, and that can only be a good thing with the busy lives we lead!

Are you inspired? Have you maximised the daylight in your own home? Why not take part in the competition I mentioned above – and let me know what your Pinterest Board looks like by leaving a link below!

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