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Daily Tasks Roundup Post – Week #1

I have been running a really popular “Daily Tasks” series on my Facebook page for nearly 9 months now – where I give readers a small task to do each weekday (and a treat task to do at the weekend).

The tasks are things that maybe would get forgotten in your usual day to day cleaning and routines – but tasks that will make all the difference to how organised your home is.

This series has had such a good reaction that I’ve now brought it over here as well – so that you can get all the benefits while you are reading the blog!

Now – the trick is how to deliver all these tasks to you easily – but so that they aren’t too overwhelming. I asked you for what you would prefer, either a daily post or a weekly roundup post of all the tasks.

The weekly roundup won hands down!.

So I am going to start posting a Daily Tasks roundup post for you each Friday.

Fridays seemed the obvious choice as you then can put all the tasks into your diary for the following week, or even get ahead of the game and do some during the weekend – the choice really is yours!

So, without further ado – lets get started (simply click on the day of the week to be taken to the details of the task – Good luck x)

Week #1 – Daily Tasks:-

daily tasks series from organise my house - a household chore to do each day for 100 days

Monday – Bin Bag Challenge (Day 1)

Tuesday – The 10 minute Challenge (Day 2)

Wednesday – Cutlery Drawer cleanout (Day 3)

Thursday – Wardrobe Declutter (Day 4)

Friday – Create a welcome (Day 5)


Weekend treat!

I couldn’t make you do all these tasks without a reward at the end of the week, now could I! – and this week, the treats all about you.

I would love it if you could find at least 20 minutes of “me time” at some point over the weekend.

Take some time out for yourself and simply have a coffee and read a magazine or book – you deserve it!

daily organising tasks week 1© Kritchanon Ardsamart |


NOTE – If you are struggling to find the time, you need to prioritise yourself a bit more. If you are not functioning at your best, then your home and family are more than likely to feel this anyway. You are actually doing them a favour by being a little selfish now and again….

Ways to find the time:-

  • If you have children and they are in all weekend, then why not let them watch a film – and instead of using that time for jobs, treat yourself!
  • Ask your partner to look after the children while you do the weekly shop – then stop on the way there or back for a coffee (20 minutes extra won’t make that much difference to them but will make the world of difference to you)
  • Get up earlier and enjoy the quiet morning
  • Go to bed earlier and read in bed instead


Are you going to follow along?

I would love to hear how you go, and even see a few photos along the way of your more organised spaces.

If you complete a task, then just comment on how it went at the bottom of that day – or comment here….

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