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All about the Daily Organising Tasks

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Welcome to the daily tasks!

I have been running a very popular daily tasks series on the Organise My House facebook page for a few months now, and many readers have asked if I could add the tasks to this site, so that they can go through them whenever fits their schedule – and your wish is my command!

The basic idea of daily tasks is to avoid overwhelm by fitting one small organising or cleaning task every weekday into your schedule, working at random around the house, so that you become more organised little by little without really noticing the amount of effort you have made as it has been spread over a longer period of time, and daily tasks can become a habit for you.

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They are the sort of tasks that can easily be forgotten in the usual day to day routines, but doing them can really make a difference to how you feel about your home in general.

So – I will be writing a post per task – with help and advice along the way from myself and all around the web. I will also number them rather than date them – so that you can start when you want to, and easily work through them at your convenience, always knowing which number you need to do next (whether you prefer to do them one a day, or in small batches when you have a little more time).


So – why not get started…

I hope you have loads of fun tackling things, and please don’t forget to let me know how you’re going.

Here is a list of all the tasks so you can decide whether to start from number 1 and work your way down – or do those which will make the most difference for you and your home. I have also added in a link to the WEEKLY TASKS post that I am currently writing – so that you can go a specific week if you prefer, where there are 5 weekday tasks and a weekend treat to enjoy!.

I really hope these help you to get a little more organised!


Daily Organising Tasks

  1. Bin Bag Challenge – Rubbish
  2. The 10 minute challenge
  3. Tackle the Cutlery Drawer
  4. Wardrobe Declutter
  5. Create a welcome
  6. Fridge Clean and Tidy
  7. 15 minute email sort
  8. Makeup Purge
  9. Loose Change Hunt
  10. Bin Bag Challenge – Charity
  11. UPVC Clean
  12. Food Clearout
  13. Underwear Drawer Declutter
  14. Junk Mail Bin
  15. Sort Bedding
  16. Paper Purge
  17. Sort the bedside table
  18. Subscriptions Declutter
  19. Wipe Away!
  20. Bin Bag Challenge – Recycling
  21. Fridge Door Declutter
  22. If it doesn’t fit…
  23. A place for keys
  24. In case of breakdown
  25. Microwave Clean
  26. Bathroom cupboard declutter
  27. Clean the bathroom fan
  28. Check your smoke alarm
  29. Purse / Wallet declutter
  30. Kitchen surface declutter
  31. Tackle the top of the wardrobe
  32. Clutter drawer, anyone
  33. Start an evening routine
  34. Establish a shoes off policy
  35. Sort out loose change for the car
  36. Get your gym bag in order
  37. Freezer food use-up
  38. Emergency kit for the car
  39. Noticeboard declutter
  40. Bathroom Pot Clean
  41. Look up!
  42. Damaged clothes check
  43. Pressure washer challenge
  44. Make those calls
  45. Pen pot creation
  46. Freezer defrost
  47. Book declutter
  48. Phone declutter
  49. Crockery Tidy
  50. Focus on the Accessories
  51. Lightbulb Clean
  52. Picture straightening
  53. Meal Plan update
  54. Shower screen clean
  55. 5 Year plan
  56. Inbox declutter
  57. Recipe file creation
  58. Coat hangers anyone?
  59. Update your photos
  60. Social Life Focus
  61. Clean the washing machine
  62. Medicine Sorted
  63. Snack Cupboard Creation
  64. Home Emergency Kit
  65. Declutter Bad Photos
  66. Text someone happy
  67. Clean the dishwasher
  68. Ornament declutter
  69. File digital photos
  70. Beat the rugs
  71. Declutter the recipe books
  72. Fold to make more space
  73. Technology free day
  74. Activity Wish List creation
  75. Wheelie Bin Clean
  76. Tackle the linen cupboard
  77. Straighten up the bottom
  78. Schedule your TO DO’s
  79. Sort the toys
  80. Declutter your handbag
  81. Clean the screens
  82. Create your own magazine
  83. Clear a TO DO
  84. Sort out the mending
  85. 15 minute filing challenge
  86. 15 minute file purge
  87. Shower caddy focus
  88. Heel to toe is the way to go
  89. Light Switch Clean
  90. Fix a problem
  91. Create new outfits
  92. Clean the oven
  93. Iron the bedding
  94. Organise clothes by type
  95. Paint marks away!
  96. Organise birthdays
  97. Put a hook up
  98. Create a cleaning caddy
  99. Create a cleaning schedule
  100. Congratulations!


Weekly Organising Roundups






















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5 Responses to All about the Daily Organising Tasks

  1. Debby Jun 6, 2014 at 1:57 pm #

    Would love the Daily Organising Tasks emailed daily.

    • Chrissy Halton Jun 10, 2014 at 9:51 pm #

      Hi Debby – watch this space, should be available shortly…

  2. Chrissy Halton Apr 28, 2014 at 4:06 pm #

    Hi Adrienne – thats great news – glad the blog is helping so far – and good luck for when you start the tasks – please let me know how you go!

  3. Andi-Roo (@theworld4realz) Apr 1, 2014 at 11:25 am #

    I have bookmarked this page, as I am beginning the daily tasks TODAY! Yeah, I’m always late, but as the saying goes, “The party don’t start till I walk in…” I figure April 1st is as good a time as any to get on board. Thanks for creating this lengthy list, and for keeping it updated so slowpokes like me can creep along behind you. Now — off to gather trash for the Bin Bag Challenge! *w00t*

    • Chrissy Halton Apr 1, 2014 at 12:12 pm #

      Hi Andi-Roo – welcome! – Glad you have found the daily tasks – good luck and I would love to know how you’re going with them x

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