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{Daily Task #87} – Shower caddy focus

Task #87:

Take a look at your shower caddy and get it cleaned if needed – its usually overlooked when cleaning and can get really grubby.

Shower caddy clean - a daily task from© Denise Peillon |

My Tips and Advice:

The main reasons that shower caddys can get badly dirty is that they are always in the shower and so are in contact with water a LOT! – and water can cause a lot of damage to things if it’s not dried off regularly (mould, grime, even rust).

This is also true of the silicone seal around your shower, bath and sink – you can see mould from water build up after time if its not cleaned thoroughly regularly.

The shower caddy itself is also usually full of cleaning products – shampoo, shower gel etc… – and as such you can go for weeks without noticing any dirt building up.

Firstly – get everything out of the caddy, wipe each item down as well, as there is often residue on the bottom of toiletry bottles which will be put back into the newly cleaned caddy if you’re not careful! – and take it off the wall for easier cleaning if possible.

Take an old toothbrush (you can also buy inexpensive ones for about 10p each from supermarkets if you haven’t got an old one to hand) and scrub all the small joints in the caddy – and then wipe thoroughly with some bathroom cleaner and a cloth.

It will be sparkling again before you know it!



How did you get on?

I’d love to know!  –  Why not write a comment below….


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