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{Daily Task #76} – Tackle the linen cupboard

Task #76:

Whether you have a specific cupboard, drawer or blanket box at the end of the bed – now’s the time to get your bedding and towels sorted!

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My Tips and Advice:

Every so often its good to tackle the linen cupboard – as all too often its the place where we end up using the items at the front/on top, and the stuff at the back never gets used. You are therefore either storing things for no reason, or not making use of items that may be gorgeous!

Here are some top tips for sorting you linen cupboard once and for all:-

Tip #1

Use all white bedding in your home. Its easy to replace, you can wash at high temperatures so contrary to popular belief it’s also one of the easiest colours to maintain, and you will be able to have less sets of bedding as a result.

Tip #2

Keep only 2 sets of bedding per bed – 1 to use and 1 to wash

Tip #3

Make your linen accessible to everyone – day or night – you never know when you may need to change a bed, or when a guest stays unexpectedly.

A cupboard or blanket box on the landing would be perfect.

Tip #4

Get rid of any bedding or towels that aren’t looking great, and don’t make you feel good when you are using them.

Tip #5

Have a towel colour per person in your home, that way you always know whose is whose!


I have also written a post on how I tackled my own linen cupboard if you want to take a look – just CLICK HERE!


How did you get on?

I’d love to know!  –  Why not write a comment below….


{Daily tasks are quick household chores that are additions to your usual cleaning or housekeeping routines – they can be done usually well within 15 mins. Do just one a day and you will really notice the difference quickly – find out more by clicking HERE}

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