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{Daily Task #72} – Fold to make more space

Task #72:

Go through your clothes and fold so that they can all be seen and grabbed easily, and the space in the drawers or on the shelf is maximised.

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My Tips and Advice:

Most of us keep our t-shirts and other foldable clothes either in drawers or on shelves in our wardrobes.

When we fold clothes we tend to fold each one without giving much though to the space we have available in these places, and also each item can fold into a different size. This means that we end up wasting space when we store our clothes, so that every item of clothes is accessible and stored OK.

The ideal situation therefore would be to have everything folded to the same size (as much as possible), and thats where a Flip Fold* comes in very handy.

This is a nifty piece of plastic that enables you to fold things really quickly and easily so that they look uniform (similar folds to those used in shops), and then when they are stored away they look neater and take up much less space.

Now you obviously don’t need to have one of these gadgets – but it does make life easier!

Everything looks neater on shelves and you can get more items stored in the same amount of space.

 Stacking vs Filing clothes…

The other benefit of folding clothes in a uniform way is that you can use a filing method for your drawers rather than a stacking system – let me explain…

Usually when we store clothes in a chest of drawers, we stack them in a vertical way – which means that when we want to find what we need, we have to lift them all up and pull out the one we want – usually causing some or all of the others to unfold slightly and end up creasing.

This is the same in the linen cupboard with towels and bedding as well.

The solution? Stacking them in a filing cabinet way i.e horizontally rather than a stack (vertically).

Here’s a couple of pictures of my hubbys t-shirts in a drawer so you can see what I mean:-

This is the before – you can see 3 piles of clothes – the top of each pile is clear, but you have to search for what you want:-

Stacking clothes example from organisemyhouse.comand here  – when the clothes are filed – you can easily see everything and grab what you want:-

filing clothes example from

No more wasted space in drawers, and no more unnecessary creasing – perfect.

So why not give it a try in at least one of your drawers today and see the difference.


How did you get on?

I’d love to know!  –  Why not write a comment below….


{Daily tasks are quick household chores that are additions to your usual cleaning or housekeeping routines – they can be done usually well within 15 mins. Do just one a day and you will really notice the difference quickly – find out more by clicking HERE}

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