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{Daily Task #53} – Meal Plan Update

Task #53:

If you have a meal planner then update with some different recipes. If you don’t, then why not consider making one.

Daily Task 53 - meal plan update© Liv Friis-larsen |


My Tips and Advice:

Meal planning can help in so many ways – saving money, saving stress of what to cook, knowing what to shop for, using up leftovers etc… – the list is HUGE (I may well write a post on the benefits one day!), so having a meal plan makes sense.

If you already have one, then updating it every so often will help to keep meals feeling fresh and new – and stop boredom setting in, and if you don’t, then why not create one for the upcoming month and see what a difference it can make for you (you will only know what works for you if you try things!)

It’s great to have a 4 week (or whatever is best for you) meal planner, as this gives you a chance to have 28 different evening meals – so there’s little chance of getting bored!

Why not try a new recipe at the weekends if you have time, or rejig an old favourite (simple things like make a meal vegetarian once a week, for example if you have Lasagne every 3rd Tuesday – swap for a veggie lasagne for a different yet familiar meal).

Here’s a link to a meal planning post I wrote a while back that may help get you started – Meal Planning made easy


How did you get on?

I’d love to know!  –  Do you use a meal plan? Does it help you?

Why not write a comment below….


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