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{Daily Task #36} – Get your gym bag in order


Task #36:

Do you go to the gym a lot? Create a mini toiletry bag that can live in your gym bag, and a checklist for packing your bag.


Daily task 36 - get your gym bag in order © Dejan Krsmanovic |


My Tips and Advice:

Its so frustrating when you get to the gym and you have forgotten to pack something in your gym bag.

Usually this is a small thing like your makeup, shampoo, a hair brush etc… – but can really make all the difference to how you look and feel when you leave there!

Personally I usually go to the gym wearing my gym kit (saves time getting changed), but as a result I’ve been known on occasions to leave wearing my trainers as I forgot to pack shoes, and I’ve lost count on how many times my hair has been somewhat messy looking due to no hairbrush! – and the time I forgot my towel – well – enough said!

I did two things to transform how I use my gym bag –


I now have a toiletry bag permanently in my gym bag consisting of a duplicate set to that which I use at home (makeup, shampoo, conditioner,perfume, hairbrush etc…) that NEVER leaves my bag.

TIP – I always use full sized products, as for me its a waste of time decanting them into smaller travel sized bottles – and I have room for the full sized in my bag – but this is an option if you prefer and are short of space. If you think about it, having two sets of your toiletries isn’t really a luxury (as some people think). You will still use the same amount of everything, its just that each set will last longer – as you will be using each less. All you are doing by creating these 2 things is getting more organised – yey!


I now have a checklist in my gym bag that I look through when I pack it each time (I list everything I need to have in my bag, like ipod, padlock for locker, gym pass, towel, clothes to change into, shoes, underwear, workout routine). This is attached to the inside flap of the main bag so I see it every time I open the bag.

Both of these are vital to me having an easy and stress free gym visit.



How did you get on?

I’d love to know!  –  Why not write a comment below….


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