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{Daily Task #19} Wipe Away!


Task #19:

Wipe down the front of all your kitchen cupboards – including the handles – don’t forget the kick board at the bottom as well! 


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My Tips and Advice:

You clean your kitchen regularly, and wipe down the insides of cupboards as often as you can – but a lot of people forget to wipe the front of the cupboards as well.

The fronts of cupboards can get grimy quite quickly – think of all the fingerprints, splashes of food, drips from the work surfaces etc… that get into contact with them most days (not to mention the kick boards and handles as well). It just makes sense to clean them regularly.

I tend to use an antibacterial wipe, or some kitchen spray and a damp cloth – and cleaning all the kitchen doors/handles and kick board takes only about 5 minutes in total.

It makes such a difference to the space, especially if you have pale units!

Extra Task:

As you are already busy in the kitchen with a wipe or cloth in your hands, why not also wipe down your cooker hood as this tends to attract loads of dirt and dust as well.


How did you get on?

I’d love to know!  –  Do you already do this task often? Do you have any tips on how to do it quickly and easily, or a great kitchen cleaner that you would recommend?

Why not write a comment below….


{Daily tasks are quick household chores that are additions to your usual cleaning or housekeeping routines – they can be done usually well within 15 minutes. Do just one a day and you will really notice the difference quickly – find out more by clicking HERE}

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