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Daily Organising Tasks – Week #3

We are 3 weeks into this now – and I hope you are enjoying the tasks and seeing a difference in your home already.

So, lets not get sidetracked – you want the tasks, so here we go! (simply click on the day of the week to be taken to the details of the task – Good luck x)


Week #3 – Daily Tasks:-

daily tasks series from organise my house - a household chore to do each day for 100 days

Monday – UPVC Clean (Day 11)

Tuesday – Food Clearout (Day 12)

Wednesday – Underwear Drawer Declutter (Day 13)

Thursday – Junk Mail Bin (Day 14)

Friday – Sort Bedding (Day 15)


Weekend treat!

Definitely deserved…..

This week, the treats about your home, and you!.

Get some fresh flowers or a plant for your home.

Daily Organising Tasks Week 3 © Constantin Opris |


This is a simple but really effective trick that has so many positives:-

  • Adds some freshness to the house – greenery will give off oxygen for you to breath in – and suck up the carbon dioxide we breath out – a perfect partner for your home!
  • Gives some colour and brightness to a room (pick something thats right for the amount of light that room gets and it will last the longest for you)
  • Doesn’t have to cost a lot – pick flowers from the garden, or buy a pot plant rather than flowers as this has a longer life and can always be planted outside in the spring.
  • Can be useful – Get some pots of herbs for your kitchen windowsill, these will add colour and taste great (and work out SO much cheaper than buying fresh herbs in packets when needed)!

How are you doing?

I would love to hear how you are going with these tasks, and even see a few photos along the way of your more organised spaces.

If you complete a task, then just comment on how it went at the bottom of that day – or comment here….

(Missed some tasks? find details of them all HERE)

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One Response to Daily Organising Tasks – Week #3

  1. Amanda Feb 16, 2014 at 10:31 am #

    Great idea to use prompts. I love a bit of decluttering, very cathartic!

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