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Daily Organising Tasks – Week #20

This is it – the last week of tasks!

Can you believe that we are now entering the final week! task 100 is just around the corner…

That’s 100 little things that have hopefully made all the difference to you and your home – household chores that may not have been tackled if it wasn’t for this series of posts – and I really hope that you have enjoyed them!

If you have managed to stick with it for the past 20 weeks then congratulations! Keep going for a few more days and you can have a well deserved break at the end of the week.

For now, I shall leave you for this week with your tasks – I hope you have a great weekend whatever you are getting up to… (simply click on each day of the week to be taken to the details of the task) – Good luck x


Week #20 – Daily Tasks:-

daily tasks series from organise my house - a household chore to do each day for 100 days

Monday – Organise Birthdays (Day 96)

Tuesday – Put a hook up (Day 97)

Wednesday – Create a cleaning caddy (Day 98)

Thursday – Create a cleaning schedule (Day 99)

Friday – CONGRATULATIONS! (Day 100)


Weekend treat!

You have finished the tasks – I am so pleased! – so this weekend why not continue from Day 100’s task and have a well deserved break! I wrote a post a while ago about rewards – based around (of all things!) Mary Poppins – why not take a look HERE.

Just enjoy your home now it’s that little bit more organised, and pat yourself on the back for a job really well done. Look back at how far you’ve come and you will hopefully feel a real sense of accomplishment.

Daily tasks week 20 - a household chore to complete each day© Anikasalsera |


How have you found the tasks?

As said in Day 100 – I would love to hear how you found the daily tasks – too much?, not enough? – Let me know what your favourites were, and what you liked the least. Also – if you have any ideas for future daily tasks (there may be more added, you never know!) then please let me know them as well.

(need to catch up? want to start all over again?! – find all tasks here)



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