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Clutter: Sorted! eBook – an eBook to help cut the clutter in your home – declutter the right way!

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Sort your clutter once and for all

Stop wasting time and energy on quick fixes that don't last - and tackle your clutter in a simple yet really effective way...


Are you feeling annoyed & irritated by your clutter? – use these emotions to drive you to make a change, starting right now...



  • Do you feel overwhelmed when you walk through your front door?
  • Have you tried decluttering on your own already, but for some reason it didn't work?
  • Do you dread the thought of sorting things out, not knowing where to start?
  • Does clutter just keep appearing in your home and you don't know how to stop it?


This book has the answers, and will make it easy for you! it will: -

  • Take you step by step through the process of decluttering your home
  • Give you lots of advice, tips and motivation throughout
  • Make the whole process as easy as possible for you
  • Take the guesswork out of what can be an overwhelming and daunting task
  • Help you to get your home back under control again - and stay that way


by the time you've finished, you'll:-

  • Have a place for everything in your home
  • Be able to find things in seconds rather than hours
  • Feel more relaxed and comfortable in your home
  • Have a home that works WITH you rather than AGAINST you


Sound good?


I have created a tried and tested system for decluttering that works -  EVERY . SINGLE . TIME.



Having run my own home styling and professional organising business for over a decade now, I have helped many clients achieve results that have made a real difference to their lives.

It's time to share those methods with you so that you too can see the fantastic results I know you can achieve - all by simply following along as I take you through every step of the way.

This eBook takes you step by step through the process I use each and every time, so it's the next best thing to having me there with you going through your home together.


But why would you need help?

If you don't want to be decluttering every few months, and you want a system that works and that is easy to follow, then this eBook is for you.

You will tackle each and every part of your home in a methodical and systematic way, and you can tick off each area as you go. Because of this, you will have a real sense of achievement every step of the way which will keep you motivated to continue.

As you go through the eBook and follow the steps, you will literally feel the weight being lifted off your shoulders. Your home will feel lighter and more manageable - less to clean, less to maintain, and more time for you.


Does that sound good? If so, then this eBook is definitely for you...



Take back control of your home right now, so you can get on with what you REALLY want to do!



What's in the eBook?

This is a 182 page eBook (including 50 pages of invaluable checklists and printables) which takes you step by step through the process of successfully decluttering every part of your home.

It starts by taking you through every part of the planning process - so that you have a place for everything, so that you are ready emotionally, and so that you have everything you will need to hand.

Then it takes you through a 20 week challenge - tackling a different area each week in a methodical order.

You will see progress right from the start and feel motivated to continue.

It also goes through my top 12 ways to stop the clutter returning - a great printable guide of top tips to keep that clutter away once and for all.

And lastly - but my absolute favourite part - is the Appendix. I have created printables and checklists for each and every part of the process, so that you can simply print off the Appendix and start using them.  They include a sheet for each week of the challenge, decluttering categories to make things easier, and all manner of printables to help you plan things successfully.

It's like I am with you every step of the way! 

The contents are as follows: -

  • Welcome
    • How to use this eBook
    • What is clutter?
    • Why declutter?
    • Why decluttering is different to organising
  • Getting started
    • Learning the declutter process - step by step
    • Get your kit ready
    • Get your head ready
    • Creating a plan for your home - HOME PLAN
    • Creating a plan for your time
    • Creating a plan for your stuff
    • Taking "before" photos
    • Quick Win - the bin bag challenge
  • The 20 week challenge
    • WEEK 1 - Hallway & Stairs
    • WEEK 2 - Paperwork
    • WEEK 3 - Kitchen & Dining
    • WEEK 4 - Food
    • WEEK 5 - Utility
    • WEEK 6 - TO DO list
    • WEEK 7 - Living Room
    • WEEK 8 - Diary
    • WEEK 9 - Bathroom(s)
    • WEEK 10 - Photos
    • WEEK 11 - Bedrooms
    • WEEK 12 - Clothes & Accessories
    • WEEK 13 - Home Office
    • WEEK 14 - Email
    • WEEK 15 - Any rooms left!
    • WEEK 16 - Loft / Cellar
    • WEEK 17 - Car
    • WEEK 18 - Garage
    • WEEK 19 - Outside spaces
    • WEEK 20 - Wrap-up week
  • Top 12 ways to stop clutter returning
  • APPENDIX - every printable and checklist you need for the whole 20 weeks - print off and get started!


Does it work?

ABSOLUTELY! – You can expect a much less cluttered home if you follow the plan and complete the weeks challenges. 

Your home will feel lighter, you will feel more in control of your stuff, and you will have more time for what really matters to you.

I have done the hard work for you in terms of giving you an easy to follow structure, and you can follow step by step knowing that everything will be looked at along the way.

See what others have said about decluttering in their own homes:-

My house is now tidier and cleaner, and above all things have their own places so it is far easier to tidy up and find things...

via Feedback Survey Form


The challenge helped me a lot in getting more balance in my life...

 via Feedback Survey Form


I have learnt how to tackle a problem in stages, which has been useful in many other areas of my life...

 via Feedback Survey Form


Got a question?



When you click BUY NOW you will be taken to my ETSY shop to make your purchase. Once paid for, ETSY will send you an email with the download link and you can save it to your computer from there.

This is a digital product and it must be noted that no physical item will be delivered to you – you can either download and read on your computer, or print it off and put into a folder to create your own hard copy. 

When you have paid for the eBook you will be immediately sent an email with a downloadable link on it. Simply click this link and save the files to your computer.

Once downloaded you are free to print it out as many times as you like – and you can get started filling it in straight away!

The eBook comes in pdf format and you simply need adobe acrobat reader to view it which can be downloaded for free from here



The Clutter: Sorted eBook costs just £9.99

Please note that you will be charged VAT if your country charges VAT on items.

You will be charged in your countries currency if this is different to GBP - ETSY does this for you.

Simply click the BUY NOW button and you’ll be taken to ETSY where you can pay via Paypal or credit/debit card.



The eBook is formatted to print out on both sides of the paper - this gives it the best look and feel and stops it being too bulky (or wasting paper).

Simply set your printer to print on both sides (this is sometimes called duplex printing).

If your printer doesn't have this setting, then I would suggest getting it printed at a local print shop for the best overall look. (I have included a Print release form for you to take to show that you have permission to print it off).

(Please note that colours may vary slightly depending on printer settings)

{More printing help can also be found HERE}



If you have a question about this eBook, please do not hesitate to contact me at



Thanks so much for taking a look at the Clutter: Sorted eBook - I hope that it has given you some ideas about how you can create a more organised and simpler home life! I really look forward to hearing how you get on...


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