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Top 35 clutter free gifts – something for everyone!


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Top 35 clutter free gifts



Simply getting some sort of experience has been said to be much more rewarding than an object given as a gift, as the recipient creates memories from those experiences and has something to look forward to until it happens.

  • #20 – Holiday – (a night away, weekend away or even longer…)
  • #21 – Personal trainer session(s) 
  • #22 – Hire services for someone – a cleaner, an interior designer, a handyman, a gardener – whatever that person may need a little help with.
  • #23 – Tickets to the cinema, a concert or the theatre (music, festival, comedy etc…).
  • #24 – Theme park tickets
  • #25 – Voucher for a meal at a favourite restaurant – most restaurants have vouchers you can buy, or you could even book a meal and pay a certain amount in advance.



Why not give the gift of learning a new skill, or helping to further a skill that the recipient already has?

  • #26 – Items to help with crafts (from a pack of supplies, right through to a new sewing machine or set of artists brushes etc…). The craft items get used and often made for presents, so the clutter is minimal!
  • #27 – Cooking lessons
  • #28 – Photography lessons 
  • #29 – Music lessons
  • #30 – Kids classes (a set of swimming classes for younger children would be a helpful and useful present)
  • #31 – Tickets for a conference/event/training that would help



And last but not least – there are some ideas that just don’t fit into any other categories – so I’ve created a catch-all here!: –

  • #32 – Movie night at home pack – Box up popcorn, an iTunes voucher for a film, some chocolate, a bottle of wine etc… and you’ve got a great night in!
  • #33 – Spa day at home pack – a face pack, bubble bath, body creams etc… would make the perfect treat for someone!
  • #34 – What about a donation to a charity close to someones heart


LASTLY – one thing that isn’t a clutter free gift…

It’s worth saying here that although vouchers seem a great way to give a gift that has little clutter – it depends on what those vouchers can buy. For example – you may have looked at #35 and seen that Amazon vouchers were there for giving music or films – but the recipient of the voucher could easily get a DVD or CD instead – which would be clutter…

If the recipient can get items rather than have an experience from those vouchers, then they will eventually still add to the clutter, which is definitely worth keeping in mind.


Clutter free gifts for all ages - find the perfect clutter free gift here - what would you like to get?A lot of these gifts can be tailored to your budget and time available as well – such as making attending a training event into a weekend away as well, or offering to have a friends children for a weekend rather than babysitting for a few hours.

There are so many ways you can give amazing gifts without adding to clutter, you just have to think outside the box a little!

This year, why not try and give clutter free gifts and see how it goes!

Which from this list would you love to get? Do you have other clutter free gift ideas to add? I’d love to know so please leave a comment below…


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