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October. The month of Halloween, nights drawing in, and a chill in the air.

For me it’s all that (and I love it!) – but one more thing as well – it’s the time of year my Christmas Planning starts….

I know I know – “it’s FAR too early” I hear you cry!, but it’s not, not really…

I’ll apologise for mentioning it this early – but bear with me and I’m sure you’ll come round to my way of thinking!

Being the organised girl I am, I like to give myself plenty of time to prepare for the festivities, and so I always start the prep for Christmas now.

Why Christmas Planning should start in October - yes, really! - All the reasons why it makes perfect sense to get started early for the festivities. Plan now and be stress free later...


October really isn’t THAT early to start thinking about things – it actually makes sense for a wide variety of reasons: –

  • Around now we are thinking about where to spend Christmas – with family not living locally then it takes a little more thought which is best done as early as possible so everything else can be planned around it.
  • People get booked up for events and occasions early – so you want to get organised – especially if you would like to host anything or need to book anything.
  • Doing a little prep from around 10 weeks to go (this year that makes it October 16th) means that you won’t have too much to do in any one week from now on. Much easier to fit in around the rest of your life!
  • The weeks really do fly by at this time of year – and you don’t want to get caught out…

See – get started now like me and I promise you Christmas will be a breeze!

Are you tempted?

If so – you may well be interested in what I’ve been busy creating over the past few weeks so that it’s ready for me (and you!) right when it’s needed.

It’s my all new Christmas Planner (drum roll please!).

I’m so excited!


Christmas Planner - printables to help you plan Christmas - all the way from October!


I love printables – the way you can have everything ready to fill in without any hassle – and you can make them your own with your own writing and information. Perfect!

I have therefore completely revamped my Christmas Planner from last year and am so so pleased to be able to show you the all new version (54 pages long!) today.

Christmas planner printables

Printables that you can print out as many times as you like, fill in as you see fit, and use as you want to.

You can display them, or create your very own Christmas Planner – they’ll help you to have fun getting your Christmas organised and stop you from missing a thing!

If you’re anything like me, you want to be prepared early this year so that you can sit back and enjoy the holidays a bit more rather than be totally stressed out the whole time – and for that to happen you really do need a little organisation in your life!

Now – don’t get me wrong – I do start thinking about Christmas now, but I still struggle get my head around it at this time of year – my mind is still very much on Halloween and Bonfire night, and I hate that the shops are already displaying Christmas items – BUT it will come round, and I firmly believe that if you can do a little preparation each week in the run up to the big day, it will be far easier and more enjoyable overall.

– and that means starting early!


TO BUY list from Christmas Planner


I’ve created it so that you can start your planning whenever you like (it’s all about how you work best!), but the planner gives you the ability to start in October and helps you every step of the way.

And if you like to have everything ready to go – there’s even a fully detailed Christmas Checklist that takes you through everything you could possibly need to think about (which starts at 10 weeks to go – October 16th to be exact!)

December monthly checklist from the Christmas Planner


Just think – what a luxury to have 10 weeks to do it all – to be able to split it up so that no one week is too overwhelming – with checklists that you can follow so that you don’t miss anything.

I for one wouldn’t plan Christmas without mine now!

So – if you like the idea of an organised and less stressful Christmas, and want to have a look at all the details of what’s included – including a bigger look at the pages inside – then just: –



Why Christmas Planning should start in October - yes, really! - All the reasons why it makes perfect sense to get started early for the festivities. Plan now and be stress free later...


I really hope that you have decided to start your organising a little earlier this year, and that October makes sense for so many reasons.

If you need help (or just want to take even more stress away from the process, then take a look at the Planner as it will help you to plan your own holidays so much more easily.

I look forward to hearing how you get on!

Once again, apologies on mentioning Christmas so early – but I hope that now you’ve read the post you’ll understand why, and forgive me this once! x


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