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499. time management 15 minute challenge sq

The 15 minute challenge – a real eye opener…

I have always been surprised when I actually start to do a list of things that have been piling up for a while (and that have no doubt been on my mind as a result) at how much I can get done in a little bit of time, contrary to the time I had estimated […]

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Top 10 habits of productive people that you can use everyday - which do you do already?

Top 10 habits to improve productivity everyday

Time is very short, and days can fly by without ever really achieving anything – or at least that’s how it feels. With this in mind I wanted to put together my top 10 list of habits that the most productive people use each and every day to improve productivity. After all, if you can […]

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Why you should learn from the positives and negatives in life

Maximise the positives and learn from the negatives

Sometimes on this blog I like to write down some general thoughts that may get you thinking about things in a different way. Todays thought is based on making life easier by working around the way we work more – to maximise what we are good at and to minimise what we aren’t . It […]

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TO DO or NOT TO DO - that really is the question that is answered in this article!

To do or NOT to do….

Most of our lives are spent getting stressed and run down by the amount of stuff there is to do all the time, without necessarily taking time to think whether we should be doing it all at all. TO DO or NOT TO Do – that is the question….!

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the 6 list and how it can help you

What is “The 6 List” and how can it help you?

Nearly 100 years ago, a man called Charles Schwab (a steel company president) asked Ivy Lees (a well known efficiency expert) for his time management techniques. Ivy Lees said Schwab only had to pay him after 3 months of using his technique, and only what he thought it was worth. After 3 months, and in […]

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Do you know how long tasks take to do?

Do you know how long tasks take you?

You may feel that you are doing everything quickly and getting things ticked off the list, but chances are you will be getting distracted in the middle of things, or thinking about something else, or trying to multitask at the same time, and that will affect how much you actually get done. You will feel […]

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busyness vs being productive

Is Being Busy Making You Less Effective?

How often have you seen an organised person looking busy and flustered? How often have you seen an UNorganised person looking busy and flustered? Notice something? The organised people in this world tend to look relatively chilled out when compared to an unorganised person, and theres good reason for this.

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