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I’ve split these posts up for you so you can find what you need more quickly – hope it helps!. Simply click on one of the images below to go to posts on a specific area OR if you want to browse then scroll down to find all the posts together.


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Party decorating tips and ideas to make life easier

Product Spy – Party decorating made easy!

Holding a party in your home usually means decorating in some fashion, whether its a simple banner, a few balloons, or a whole themed house – the options really are endless!. But however fun it is to decorate your home for a party, stress can take over when it comes to how to put things […]

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Home styling tips to make rooms look bigger

14 home styling tips to make your rooms look bigger

I love to find helpful information and articles around the web for you, and will be sharing more over the coming months so that you can find all the best stuff right here in one place (saving time!). So, when I was sent this home styling infographic I was really excited as it is a […]

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White is the most versatile colour to use for a calm home - and here's why!

Why white is the perfect colour to use at home

Popular opinion states that white is a difficult colour to use around the house, as it can look dirty quickly and definitely can’t be used when kids are in the house – but I firmly believe the complete opposite is true, and this post should help explain why!

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How to create a photobook

How to create a Photo Book

I really do love Photo Books! – they are a great addition to a bookcase or a coffee table in your home and they allow access to your photos that could have long since been forgotten on your computer – so I thought it was about time I showed you how to create a Photo […]

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How to paint furniture - step by step guide to follow

How to paint furniture – a step by step guide

In my day job I have had to paint a few pieces of furniture in my time in all different styles – and with painted furniture so popular at the moment I felt it was only right to share a step by step guide to how to paint furniture with you so you can do […]

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space under the stairs

How to use the space under your stairs effectively

A reader asked me recently whether I had some ideas for how best to use the space under the stairs as they were struggling with the angled ceiling and wanted to make the most of it by using the space for a specific purpose if possible. I love to help where I can! – so […]

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