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Christmas organising tips to make it go smoothly

Hi! – Welcome to my little slice of Christmas…


It’s good to have you here!

Now, Christmas is a time when everything is magical, and wonderful – it’s one of my favourite times as I’m a Christmas baby as well – but before you can enjoy it properly there’s a LOT of planning, and potential stress to be waded through…

As such, I’ve put together a huge amount of articles that will hopefully give you tips and inspiration for the run up to the festivities – so you get to enjoy it as much as you possibly can! – just scroll down the page to see them all…



(…by the way, if you’re wanting even more, then you should definitely check out my Christmas Planner – 54 pages of amazing printables that will help you run Christmas like clockwork!)



Present box - why every home should have one

Why every home should have a Present Box…

A Present Box is simply a place in a home where you can store presents for people over the year. It can become a real lifesaver, and is a really easy way to stay organised. This post will explain everything you need to know about a present box – from how to create one of […]

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How to deal with stress this Christmas

How to deal with 7 major causes of Christmas stress…

A while back I asked on the Facebook page what your most stressful parts of Christmas were – and the responses came back in their bucket load – thank you to everyone who replied. It really seems that for a great many of us this can be a really stressful time of year, and I’m […]

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Free printable art for Christmas

Free printable art for Christmas

As you must be aware by now, I love word art and quotes – and I have a variety of these dotted around my home and this blog as a result. As it’s Christmas and I love this time of year, I wanted to finish off the last few posts of useful printables with a […]

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Top 35 clutter free gifts

Top 35 clutter free gifts – something for everyone!

Giving a gift to someone can be a wonderful thing, and picking the right one is so crucial as you really want the recipient to be happy with what they have been given. Problem is, when we are talking so much about gaining order and living a clutter free life, it seems crazy to talk […]

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Sorting things after Christmas - Preparing for the New Year - Quick Tips

Sorting things after Christmas – Quick Tips

Everything for the past few weeks, if not months, has been talking about Christmas and the preparations for it. However, once Christmas is over, day to day life starts to creep back in. It won’t be long before school starts, back to work, and the decorations come down….

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What are your Christmas traditions?

What are your Christmas traditions?

Christmas tends to be a very family oriented, traditional time of the year for most of us, with lots of activities to fit into a relatively short amount of time – not to mention trying to enjoy it all! – and in amongst everything there will also probably be a whole host of traditions specific […]

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8 ways to calm clutter this christmas

8 ways to calm the clutter this Christmas

Christmas is one of those times in the year when even the calmest and minimalist of homes can get out of control very easily if you’re not careful. There are so many ways that your home can get filled up with Christmas clutter that it’s almost impossible to prevent – I say almost because I […]

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Christmas cards and Christmas present planning tips to de-stress before the festivities


One of the biggest stresses in the run up to Christmas is undoubtedly sorting out Christmas cards and Christmas presents… It’s the task that takes the most time, brings up issues (budget / what to get / who to send to etc…), and basically takes over for a while until it’s sorted. As such, I […]

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Essential Christmas Money Saving Tips


There’s no getting around it – Christmas is expensive. Or at least it can be if you don’t get yourself organised and prepared. This post contains 23 fantastic money saving tips to use in the run up to Christmas, to hopefully take some of the stress of spending away, so that you can have more […]

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my top 50 christmas organising tips

My Top 50 Christmas Organising Tips

Last year I wrote a post with my Top 10 tips to get more organised at Christmas – but this year I wanted to go a few steps further and give you a round up of all the Christmas Tips I could put my hands on – some from me and some from around the […]

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