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Do you know how long tasks take to do?

Do you know how long tasks take you?

You may feel that you are doing everything quickly and getting things ticked off the list, but chances are you will be getting distracted in the middle of things, or thinking about something else, or trying to multitask at the same time, and that will affect how much you actually get done. You will feel […]

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why a master TO DO list works best. Create a really effective TO DO list system by using a MASTER TO DO LIST. Find out more right here!

Why a MASTER TO DO LIST works best!

Do you find yourself constantly writing and rewriting your TO DO list? Do you have lots of lists on the go at the same time and are never sure what to do next? Well, this post will, I’m sure, help you stop all that right now – introducing the MASTER TO DO LIST…

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What about the NICE to do's?

What about the NICE TO DO’s? …

Most of us have a TO DO list that gets increasingly long, more overwhelming, and when we have a look to see what can be done next, its just too much to make a decision about so we end up doing nothing. Sound familiar? What I suggest (and use myself to great effect) is to […]

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