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By the way – if you want to learn the step by step guide I use to organise all my home paperwork so that I can find it easily and quickly – take a look at my Paperwork:Sorted! eBook – everything you need all in one place!


431. Receipt organising

Reader Tips – How to organise receipts

I want to introduce a new series of posts for the blog – reader tips! Its usually my own home projects and ideas that I am showing you, and so there is a vast array of ideas that others have created and are using well in their own homes that I would love to explore […]

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How to file quickly - a step by step guide

How to file quickly – a step by step guide

I don’t know many people who like to file, especially when there’s a load to do, and how to file quickly is something I get asked often – so I thought I’d write a post about it to give you a guide as to the way I find that takes the least amount of time […]

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great ways to use post it notes

7 Great ways to use Post It Notes

Post it notes – they really are one of my most used office supplies! Whether its for work, or in the home, they can be found everywhere, and its not just because they are so handy, or that they can stick to things so you don’t lose them – its because they really can transform […]

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Using post it notes to get organised

How post it notes can help to keep you organised

This sort of visual reminder really works for some people, as it makes each task very prominent, and often they will be small tasks that can be done in a few minutes – and what a lovely feeling to be able to take the post it note down after doing the job. Its the next […]

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my paperwork area before and after

Before and After – Organising My Paperwork Area

My paperwork needed sorting! The systems were in place, and we knew where everything was so we could find things easily – but it wasn’t as organised as I would have liked (or as pretty!) So – heres the befores and afters, with all my thinking behind what I did – I really hope that […]

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organising paperwork, paperwork organised, organize paperwork

Top 15 Tips To Get Your Paperwork Organised

If you are like most people in this world, the pile of paper coming into your home on a regular basis is nothing short of crazy. It seems that even in a society that tries to use less paper, we can’t get on top of it. This post will help you to pick up some […]

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How to create a home file - home management binder


Last in my mini series of posts about Home Files is possibly the most important part – and that’s how to create a Home File for yourself. This post takes you step by step through how I created my own Home File, and will give you some tips and tricks along the way – hope […]

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Home file contents / Home Management Binder contents


Starting from where the previous post in this series ended (What is a Home File?), I wanted to go through today exactly what should (and shouldn’t) be added to a Home File so that it really works hard for your house and family.

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What is a home file? Home management binder - what exactly is it?


In my home I call myself the house manager – I am the one who knows where people need to be, what they need when they get there, and pretty much run the house. My husband is great and always helps A LOT, but the main running of the house is my domain. This is […]

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