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How to create a photobook

How to create a Photo Book

I really do love Photo Books! – they are a great addition to a bookcase or a coffee table in your home and they allow access to your photos that could have long since been forgotten on your computer – so I thought it was about time I showed you how to create a Photo […]

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photo organising tips

Top Photo Organising Tips

One of the things that people find the most difficult to get organisd are photos. We have so many – digital ones spread throughout our computers, on camera cards, on our phones, and physical photos in boxes, cupboards, frames etc… all around the house – and they can easily get out of control. Of course […]

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The lowdown on photo books - all you need to know about photo books for organising your photos

The lowdown on Photo Books…

I have long been a fan of photo books, and wanted to have a chat with you today about them, what they can be used for, and why I think they are such a great way to organise your photos, and other memorabilia that you may have.

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