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Fitness Pal

MyFitnessPal – A Review

At this time of year a lot of people tend to look at losing weight and getting fit. A new year, a fresh start. As such, I wanted to write a post about a great app that I have been using for the past year, and which has really helped me to keep track of […]

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Get your energy sorted and live a more balanced life

Sorting Out Your “Energy”! (SMILE 5 of 5)

We all find it hard sometimes to get motivated and feel great every day. But its a vital thing if you are to live your life to the fullest, and having enough energy is key to getting there! In this, the last of my Balanced Life Series of posts – we will look at ideas […]

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time saving fitness tips to make every second count

Time saving fitness tips – make every second count

How many times do you start an exercising plan with all the best intentions in the world, only to find that life gets in the way? Other things take priority more often than not, whether the reason is not enough time, not enough energy, or not enough motivation – the key is to make exercise […]

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