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Loom band storage idea

Easy Loom Band Storage – for home and away!

If you have a child then you are likely to have been hit with the loom band craze that’s sweeping the country at the moment. They are everywhere, and while they are fantastic at keeping kids entertained, they can be a real pain to store in a way that makes it easy for them to […]

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space under the stairs

How to use the space under your stairs effectively

A reader asked me recently whether I had some ideas for how best to use the space under the stairs as they were struggling with the angled ceiling and wanted to make the most of it by using the space for a specific purpose if possible. I love to help where I can! – so […]

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Get the best from every space in your home

How can I maximise every space in my home?

Whether you have the tiniest flat or the largest of houses, the useage of space is critical to maximise what you have, and make it feel as spacious as possible. I came across this fantastic video on Youtube thats basically a tour of the most organised small apartment I have ever seen –

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Why you shouldn't buy organising products

Why you shouldn’t buy organising / storage products…

Organising products are in the main all so beautiful! They are always packaged really nicely, and make me feel better just looking at them. They draw you in, and make you want to buy them – just like new clothes do. They hold a promise of a new way of life, a streamlined home, and […]

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