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Getting help around the house - tips and inspiration


Sick of doing everything yourself?

Then it’s time to do something about it!

Are you ready to look at getting help around the house?

It really makes no sense to try and do everything yourself. You will get tired, annoyed, and much more…

So, whether you are able to delegate, automate, hire help – or something totally different, then you should take a look at the articles below for some inspiration as to what to do…

First though, here are a couple of my favourites that you don’t want to miss: –



{As always, if there’s anything not covered in this section that you’d like to see about getting help around the house, then just contact me at chrissy{at} – and in the meantime – I hope you enjoy!}

Delegating chores - tips and advice


When it comes to household tasks, delegating chores can be the ultimate key to giving you some time back for other things you want to do, and to stop you being tied to the kitchen sink – so to speak! You don’t have to do it all yourself all the time – and whether you’ve […]

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11 reasons to get kids involved in household chores

11 reasons to get kids involved in household chores

There is always a debate on whether children should help around the house or not – with those being for them helping say that it teaches them so much, whereas those against the idea say let kids be kids for as long as they can be as childhood is short and should be full of […]

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delegate what people create

Delegate what people create

In our home my hubby creates the most washing in our house, by far. He goes to the gym at least once a day (bags of sweaty kit come back with him…..), he works in an office and wears a suit (shirt etc…. required daily) and then changes when he gets home into casual clothes. […]

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how to get teens to help around the house

How To Get Teenagers To Help Around The House…

How many teenagers happily and willingly help around the house? I have recently been asked by a reader how to start to get teens to help, and to keep it going. She had tried everything, and although her teens were quite willing, there was no continuity in them doing things. I don’t think theres a […]

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