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New year resolutions - or goals?

New Year Resolutions – or Goals?

New Year resolutions aren’t for everyone. If you ask most people come February they will say that they have let their New Year resolutions drift, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are two reasons I think its great to set New Year resolutions.

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Why you should learn from the positives and negatives in life

Maximise the positives and learn from the negatives

Sometimes on this blog I like to write down some general thoughts that may get you thinking about things in a different way. Todays thought is based on making life easier by working around the way we work more – to maximise what we are good at and to minimise what we aren’t . It […]

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How to decide what's urgent vs what's important - making the distinction can help no end...

How to decide whats Urgent vs Important

Let me ask you something. are you able to work out what in your life is urgent vs important? Are you constantly finding you come to the end of your day only to see that you haven’t got anything done that you actually wanted to do? Have you spent all day meeting demands that have […]

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simplify your life in 2 steps via

Simplify your life in 2 steps

I’m all for a simple life – but sometimes it can feel like a very complicated process to get there! I often get asked for the answer to a simpler life, and so I wanted to define an easy strategy to make life less complicated. Really it all distills down to 2 easy to remember […]

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making goals from plans

How long term plans become short term goals

When you drew up your 5 year plan, you were basically writing down your high level goals. Great news! But the next step is to actually make these plans become reality – and thats where some careful planning comes into play. You now need to schedule in the time to get the steps done that […]

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how to create a 5 year plan

How to create a 5 year plan

Do you have a 5 year plan? Are you where you wanted to be now from 5 years ago? Do you even know where you wanted to be 5 years ago? Most people will answer no to these questions, as most of us get bogged down with the day to day routine of life, and […]

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